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They haven’t played this on “MasterChef” yet.  She prepared a bird with… feathers for the jurors.  A scandal broke out

They haven’t played this on “MasterChef” yet. She prepared a bird with… feathers for the jurors. A scandal broke out

In “MasterChef” emotions sometimes reached the zenith, but what happened in the Spanish version of the program definitely exceeded all imagination. One of the participants served the jurors a partridge dish… in full plumage. A real scandal broke out.

is undoubtedly one of the most popular in the history of television. The format was initiated by the British and today it is implemented in dozens of countries around the world, including Poland, and for various age categories. In each season, participants fight not only for the title of Master Chef, but also for a cash prize and a contract to publish their own cookbook.

Inhumane conditions on the set of “MasterChef”? This is the loudest scandal in the Polish version of the program

Although the program enjoys a reputation, its creators have not been able to avoid smaller or larger scandals over the years. There was no shortage of these in the Polish version of “MasterChef”, and controversial comments from the jurors were often echoed in the media, especially , which is famous for bluntly expressing its opinions. The situation from 2019, which took place during the filming of the final episode in Mexico, has definitely become history. The participants accused the production of “inhumane conditions”, and the case was widely commented on gossip portals for a long time. There were also scandals in the format’s versions in other countries, and one of the loudest was undoubtedly the one that took place over three years ago in its Spanish edition.

A scandal in the Spanish version of “MasterChef”. The participant cooked the bird with its plumage

In the 8th Spanish season, emotions were high from the very beginning and the competition was fierce. She fought for the win, among others. 27-year-old social worker Saray Carillo, who revealed to the cameras that she is a transgender woman. During the production of one of the episodes, her task was to prepare a partridge dish, which turned out to be quite a challenge, because she had to pluck the animal’s feathers herself. She did not hide her disgust at this idea, so she decided on a solution that no one expected.

The contestant cooked a partridge with full plumage, decorating it only with cherry tomatoes and chives at the end. When the jurors saw this, they were not so much disgusted as outraged. Together they decided that this was the last dish she prepared during the vision, and that allowing her to participate in it was a “mistake”. Saray, however, did not seem to care about these comments, and after the criticism, she only said “goodbye” and left the set of “MasterChef”.

The recording of this event quickly went viral on the Internet, including: on the YouTube platform. The entry was full of comments from Internet users, some of whom defended the participant, arguing that the task was a violation of boundaries. Others, in turn, believed that her behavior was clearly disrespectful to the jurors and that their decision was therefore right. However, everyone agreed on one thing:

They haven’t played this on ‘MasterChef’ yet.

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