Video stores have witnessed our history. However, of these places where movie fans went to watch and rent movies, only There are about 300 left open throughout Spain.

They are disappearingamong other reasons, because all the audiovisual content can be found on digital platforms or on the internet, but also because of the absence of news. The last one from Madrid still survives. Marcia, her owner, does not give up and is “scratching here and there” to survive by selling “posters or merchandising.”

On the contrary, the second oldest video club in Spain, Juan García’s, has been forced to close the shutters forever after 43 years in business. “Little by little we removed the store” comments the former owner of Videoclub García, in Jaén. “The decision to remove the video store is, apart from because I am retiring early, because They no longer release physical films or very few“, he laments. More than 16,000 memberswho enjoyed the pleasure of getting lost in the corridors of those temples of cinema.