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Samuel Pereira has started a collection and is counting on generous donations.  “I have no intention of giving up”

Samuel Pereira has started a collection and is counting on generous donations. “I have no intention of giving up”

Samuel Pereira has started a collection and is counting on generous donations.  “I have no intention of giving up”

Former deputy head of TAI and author of many scandalous statements, Samuel Pereira, is preparing for a court battle with TVP. Despite the numerous fees he received from his former employer, he decided to set up an online collection, from which he wants to spend the money on lawyers. It is possible that he is counting on large sums, because he also announced what he will do if he receives too much money.

Former deputy director of TAI, Samuel Pereira, who comes from the “Gazeta Polska” community, wants to acquire PLN 20,000. zlotys. Created an ad titled “‘Catch a thief’ Let’s win together with ‘TVP Liquidator'” on the specialized platform Within a few days, 31 people donated over PLN 2,000. PLN for this purpose.

The former deputy head of TAI cannot come to terms with the end of the “good change”. He’s getting ready for a court battle

This is a response to the lawsuit filed in March by Telewizja Polska against Michał Adamczyk, Samuel Pereira and Marcin Tulicki, who formed the management of the Television Information Agency before the process of depoliticization of public media began. The broadcaster is demanding PLN 1.33 million for remaining at TAI’s headquarters from December 20 to mid-January, after being dismissed from their positions.

In a statement, the public broadcaster stated that the lawsuit “concerns the damage that the Company suffered in connection with the unlawful actions of the defendants, which deprived TVP of the ability to use the infrastructure located in the building at Plac Powstańców Warszawy 7 (where the headquarters of the Television Information Agency is located).”

It was noted that as a result of the actions of (Michał) Adamczyk, (Samuel) Pereira and (Marcin) Tulicki, TVP Info was not broadcast from December 20 to 29, 2023, and TVP3 was not broadcast until December 26, 2023, so the planned advertisements and content did not appear on the air. sponsorship. In the description of his fundraising, the former deputy director of TAI writes that the actions of the new authorities of Telewizja Polska from the second half of December “exposed TVP to irreversible financial and image losses.”

This concerns both viewership and the related advertising position and advertising shares. I won’t mention the October ‘quality’ of what is being broadcast now, because everyone can see what the horse is like. As the results show, the damage done in December is still bearing fruit today, he wrote.

Pereira is counting on generous donations. He also says what he will do if he collects too much

The former employee of Telewizja Polska also explained where the idea for the fundraiser came from. – I have no intention of giving up, but I need funds for lawyers. If I manage to collect more money than the necessary amount – I will use it to pay the costs of other SLAPP-type cases, two in particular: with the RASP concern (they want to punish me for criticizing their publications, the case is pending) and Roman Giertych (the Polnord scandal, the case is pending) – we read.

If the sum of funds is even greater, I will spend it on a media project that is already being prepared, the details of which I will inform you here – he added.

Source: Gazeta

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