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“Nothing by force.”  Where was the Netflix hit filmed?  The whole world admires idyllic landscapes

“Nothing by force.” Where was the Netflix hit filmed? The whole world admires idyllic landscapes

The new Netflix production is number 1, not only in Poland, but is watched by viewers from all over the world. We’re talking about the latest Polish romantic comedy, “Nic na³ę”. Where was the film shot? It is the idyllic outdoors that viewers pay the most attention to.

presented to viewers on March 27, just before Easter. The premiere time favored the audience, who eagerly reached for the latest romantic comedy. For several days now, the production has been the most watched film not only in Poland, but also in Brazil, Ukraine, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Greece and even Mexico. Viewers, although they are strongly divided and do not spare words of criticism, definitely appreciate the photos, and above all, the outdoors and places shown in the film “Nothing by Force”. Where was the Polish comedy filmed?

“Nothing by force”. Where was the Netflix comedy filmed?

The action of the production takes place in the Polish countryside in Podlasie. The idyllic paintings were actually shot in this region. In addition to vast fields, rivers and green vegetation, viewers can also admire the characteristic architecture of Podlasie. Where was “No Force” filmed? The photos were taken in Ciechanowiec, Kaniuki, Ciełuszki, Wizna, Suraż, Rutki, Zabłudów and Wrocław, among others. on Psie Budy Street and at Solny Square.

Scenes for the film were also shot in the open-air museum located on the premises of the Museum of Agriculture. Krzysztof Kluk in Ciechanowiec. It is one of the oldest cities in Podlasie, which is divided by the Nurzec River into two halves: the left, older one, where there is a former market square and a historic Orthodox church, and the right one, once known as Nowe Miasto and Polska Strona.

“Nothing by force”. A Netflix movie is conquering the world. What is he talking about?

The main character of “Nothing by Force” is Oliwia, a chef from a big city who comes to Podlasie for the funeral of her grandmother, Halina. Once there, it turns out that her grandmother is not dead at all, and the trick was to bring Oliwia to the countryside to save the family farm. There she meets a handsome farmer, Kuba, who, however, hides a secret. The main roles are played by Anna Szymańczyk, Mateusz Janicki, Anna Seniuk, Artur Barci¶, Cezary Żak and Piotr Rogucki.

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