The tycoon Jose Luis Moreno look at the camera and say while walking its ostentatious hallways: “This TiK Tok experience it’s formidable“. In the different videos of your Tik Tok channel we see him address his 25,000 followers in several languages. He makes an informative particular in English and also in French, in which he presents himself like this: “Je suis José Luis Moreno, television producteur“.

He has done his mansion his best setwhere he records videos in which he talks about the ‘Koldo Case’ or what he calls the “sewers of the State”, which recommends readings or delights us at the piano with pieces of Chopin. He assures that the purpose of these videos is not for us to know every corner of his luxurious house, but he records himself touring its more than 2,000 square meters built and highlighting its most valuable corners. Now we know that He sells it, but in no ownership. That is to say, the dogs that we see eating the cushions and he will be able to collect from the sale but continue living in it until the producer dies.

Despite They look like videos from a real estate portal, He strives to repeat that it is not that he wants to show his home intimacies to encourage sales, everyone can draw their own conclusions. He brings out his heaviest artillery, that is, his iconic dolls and Macario himself confuses his mansion with a luxury hotelthe magnate answers that it is not a hotel but his house and Macario blurts out: “Well, thank goodness because between you have blocked accountsand that I am stiffer than Perico’s flute…”.

Designer vases and stained glass windows, statues, paintings that evoke Sorolla, chandeliers, marble floors… They are the luxury that makes visible on your social networks of that ‘casoplón’ that has been put up for sale. “I’m not trying to show the house, “but I am a television producer and I always look for the most beautiful area,” he comments in one of his videos that has more than 20,000 views. He already opened the doors of his house to the media after his high-profile robbery that occurred in that same house in 2007. There he already let us record some of his ten bedrooms, four offices, nine bathrooms, the professional tennis court with stands and two swimming pools.

The house in question is one of the properties of the tycoon whom justice charged by six crimes, ranging from criminal organization to fraud, including money laundering and asset seizure. In 2013 his initials and last name appeared in the Bárcenas papers. He was arrested in 2021 as part of a police operation aimed at dismantling an alleged criminal gang, supposedly led by him. In his videos he laughs at the judicial process and the judges who instruct him, going so far as to assure “that they are human people and that they make mistakes” or showing off his confidence in these terms: “to Judge Moreno of the National Court, who I already say we are almost family“, he comments on his TikToks.

Definitely, the habitat of one of the biggest television moguls where authentic ventriloquism myths were forged that is still show fodder judging by its videos, it could be ours. Without the dogs that sneak into the videos, nor the dolls that sometimes accompany him, and with the condition that it is not inhabited until José Luis Moreno dies. If you have the eight and a half million and can wait, you could live on the set where the producer shows us how he lives at 76 years old their new ‘party nights’.