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Pain accompanies him every day.  Stan Borys is dealing with the effects of a stroke

Pain accompanies him every day. Stan Borys is dealing with the effects of a stroke

Stan Borys came to Poland for Easter. Most of the time, the artist suffers from pain, which is the result of a stroke he suffered in 2019.

Stan Borys has been struggling with health problems for several years. The physically and professionally active artist suffered a stroke in 2019, which turned his life upside down. The singer was very lucky because even before he got to the hospital, he wondered whether his condition was really that serious. Upon arrival, it turned out that the headaches were caused by a stroke. Since then, the musician has been struggling not only with the effects of the disease, but also with other ailments. In 2021, Stan Borys suffered a heart attack, and a few months later he learned that he had skin cancer. The lesion turned out to be benign, but doctors recommended it be removed. “It was growing,” said the artist in an interview with “Super Express”.

Stan Borys is dealing with the effects of a stroke. The artist has problems with movement

This year, Stan Borys arrived in Poland just before Easter. Unfortunately, difficulties with movement make it much more difficult for him to function. “After arrival, Stan suddenly had very big problems with walking and moving around,” Anna Maleady told “Super Express”.

“Thanks to the immediate reaction of specialists and doctors in Poland, we managed to alleviate the enormous pain… Unfortunately, neurological problems after an ischemic stroke keep recurring and must be treated and rehabilitated for the rest of their lives. This year has already been 5 years since the stroke. Above all My beloved Ania is constantly watching over me, who cares and pays close attention to doctor visits and rehabilitation,” added the artist himself.

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