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Phenomenal game in “Millionaires”.  He heard the question for half a million, today he will play for a million

Phenomenal game in “Millionaires”. He heard the question for half a million, today he will play for a million

In the last episode of “Millionaires”, Mr. Tomasz from Warsaw fought for half a million zlotys. The participant was going like a storm and didn’t think about giving up at the end. Especially since he still had three lifelines under his belt. What was the question for PLN 500,000?

In the first episode of “Millionaires” broadcast after Easter, Tomasz Boruch, a veterinary graduate from Warsaw, started his game for a million. In the qualifying rounds, he managed to beat two other players who also answered the question correctly.

“Millionaires”. Another winner this edition?

It must be admitted that Mr. Tomasz did phenomenally in the game for the title million. He reached the PLN 500,000 question using only one “50:50” lifebuoy. The half-a-million question concerned the work of one of the Polish writers.

In “Millionaires” the question for half a million was asked again. What was it about?

The question for PLN 500,000 was:

Karol Irzykowski devoted his monograph to the tenth muse. What did he describe as “the visibility of man’s interaction with matter”?

  • A. music;
  • B. cinema;
  • C. television;
  • D. internet

At the beginning, the participant tried to analyze the question on his own, leaning towards the answer “B”. However, he was not convinced that this was the right option, and – as he himself admitted – he did not want to change the question to another one, because he had quite extensive knowledge on the subject. So he decided to call his friend on the phone. On the other side sat Tomasz, who deals with programming on a daily basis. He also tended to answer “B: cinema”. It turned out that this was the right option, thanks to which the participant won half a million zlotys. Mr. Tomasz’s struggles for the title million will be available to watch on Wednesday, March 3 at 10:55 p.m. on TVN.

Source: Gazeta

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