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Do you remember “Boys, boys, boys”?  Sabrina has just turned 56.  This is what it looks like now!  “Jaw drops”

Do you remember “Boys, boys, boys”? Sabrina has just turned 56. This is what it looks like now! “Jaw drops”

Although her discography is not very long, one song was enough to mark her place in the history of music and pop culture for decades. “Boys, boys, boys” was sung in various corners and still triggers an avalanche of memories. Its performer, Sabrina, has just turned 56.

In the 1980s, disco music experienced its golden age. There are many stars whose careers took different turns. Some have been created for years, others have been somewhat forgotten. Sabrina, an Italian singer who is best known for the song “Boys, boys, boys”, gained instant fame. How did her fate turn out?

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Italo disco begins. Sabrina was a European revelation

Sabrina, or Sabrina Salerno, was born on March 15, 1968 in Genoa, Italy. She started her musical career when she was only 15 years old. She was as beautiful as she was talented. She won beauty contests, and her beauty turned out to be her ticket to television. Just a year later, she started her music career. The first single “Sexy girl” stormed the charts, not only in Italy but also in Germany. He was the one who started the Italo disco trend.

The controversial music video received wide attention. Sabrina continues to delight

In 1987, Sabrina recorded her biggest hit – “Boys, Boys, Boys”, which quickly became a hit around the world. Simple lyrics, rhythm and a catchy melody were wrapped in a music video that received wide attention. Her controversial image, clearly sexy and provocative, attracted the attention of the media and fans. The video for “Boys, Boys, Boys”, in which Sabrina appeared in a tight latex outfit, quickly became the topic of heated discussions, which further contributed to the increase of the singer’s popularity. In the UK, there was even an initial ban on broadcasting.

Sabrina recorded a few more songs: “All of Me”, “My Chico” and “Gringo”, which were popular, but did not repeat the success of “Boys”. Later, she starred in several Italian films and appeared in television programs. Since 1994, she has been in a relationship with the entrepreneur Enrico Monti, with whom they had a son. They live in Mogliano Veneto in northern Italy. Although her fame has faded in Poland, she is still popular in her homeland.

She is regularly active on social media and still likes to show off her body. Sabrina recently turned 56 and on this occasion she published a photo thanking her for her wishes. As one fan wrote: “Jaw dropping.” Time stopped for her!

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