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How did he score over 700 points in “One of Ten”?  Mr. Arkadiusz reveals his secret

How did he score over 700 points in “One of Ten”? Mr. Arkadiusz reveals his secret

Mr. Arkadiusz Kopeæ, a retired physicist, scored a staggering over 700 points in one of the last episodes of the “One of ten” program. It wasn’t his first game show. How did he prepare to play at such a level?

“On yourself, on yourself, on yourself” – this was briefly the finale with the participation of Mr. Akariusz Kopiec in “”. The player scored over 700 points, outclassing not only the competition in his own episode, but also the finalists from other episodes of the game show. We will soon see him in the Grand Final, where he will face other winners. Its result may be intimidating. It turns out that the same can be said about experience.

“One of ten”. How did Arkadiusz Kopeć prepare for his appearance in the program?

Mr. Arkadiusz Kopeć actually repeated the pattern started by Mr. Artur Baranowski in “One of Ten”. Both of them did not let their opponents have a say in their episodes in the final. Not only were they the first to respond three times. , which is rare. . It didn’t help them much – the retired physicist was unrivaled. In an interview with Wirtualna Polska, he revealed how he earned this success.

You need to watch game shows, pay attention to questions you don’t know the answers to, and check sources. If you put your mind to it, you will quickly see progress. When I watch a game show these days, it’s increasingly rare that I’m asked a question to which I have no idea what the answer might be. When I was much younger, I really enjoyed solving crosswords. I think this had a key impact on the development of my contextual memory, he explained.

He also added that he had appeared many times in other game shows, especially in “Wielka Gra” and “Billion in Mind”. The performances did not always bring results, but a possible defeat did not discourage: “I decided to fight back and that’s how I play it to this day,” he added, recalling one defeat in the “Big Game”. The finale of “One of Ten” with Mr. Arkadiusz will be shown on Tuesday, April 2.

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