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For him, Cleo wanted to break the rules of “The Voice Kids”.  “I’m begging you!”

For him, Cleo wanted to break the rules of “The Voice Kids”. “I’m begging you!”

Maksymilian Wysocki took part in the auditions for the 7th edition of “The Voice Kids”, but none of the jurors turned his chair during his performance. So the participant performed another song, delighting Cleo. The juror quickly regretted her decision, but the producers of the program remained adamant.

Blind auditions for the 7th edition of “The Voice in Kids” are underway. In the 3rd episode, Maksymilian Wysocki performed the song “Tea with ginger” by Smolasty. However, the jury did not like the participant’s performance because none of them decided to turn their chair around. Even Ida Nowakowska did not hide her surprise at this decision: “They didn’t turn around?!” – she commented disgustedly behind the scenes.

She didn’t turn her chair around and later regretted it. Cleo calls for a change of rules in “The Voice Kids”

Cleo admitted, however, that Maksymilian’s performance did not convince her enough: “I liked the buzz in your voice. There was still something missing. Could we hear you in something else?” – she asked. The participant sat down at the piano and then performed the Invocation from “Pan Tadeusz”. Hearing Maksymilian singing, Cleo quickly regretted not turning her chair around. “Can I turn around again?” – she turned to the producers of the program, and when she did not receive an answer, she asked again: “Can I talk to someone higher? Can I do something? Can I change the rules of the game once in my life?”

When the participant stood before the jury again, Baron admitted that the rules of the program were actually quite restrictive: “These are the rules of the game, of which we are sometimes victims ourselves. This first piece did not give us any information about your potential. Then you started playing the piano and then I thought ‘damn it'”.

Behind the scenes, Celo again appealed to the producers of “The Voice Kids”, proposing the introduction of new rules: “I am appealing, hello. Let’s make a wolf card. Because this is not the first time that sometimes the second song catches our hearts. I’m begging you.”

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