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TVP made a decision regarding Kurzajewski.  He was offered a job on the second season of the hit show

TVP made a decision regarding Kurzajewski. He was offered a job on the second season of the hit show

When a few weeks ago Maciej Kurzajewski disappeared from “Pytanie na śnidanie”, in which he performed in a duet with Katarzyna Cichopek, his cooperation with TVP was questioned. Now it turns out that fans have no reason to worry. We already know in which programs the station will still be able to watch it.

is considered one of the most popular journalists in Poland. Already during his studies, he became involved with Telewizja Polska, and although he later worked for TVN for a while, he eventually returned to the public broadcaster. For over 30 years of his career, he served as a sports commentator, hosted many different events and parties, and was also the host of various entertainment programs such as “Kawa czy tea”, “I love you, Poland” or .

Kurzajewski and Cichopek left “Question for Breakfast”. Viewers did not hide their outrage

At the end of 2023, the management of Telewizja Polska changed, which started a real revolution. First, news websites were transformed and presenters associated with the PiS propaganda message lost their positions, and then other formats were taken up, including the above-mentioned “Pytanie na śnidanie”. Maciej Kurzajewski and , who had previously formed a harmonious duo on screen, like the other hosts of the program, had to say goodbye to him, which caused considerable controversy among viewers. Many of them began to fear about their fate and future at the station, but everything seems to be completely unnecessary.

Will Kurzajewski leave TVP? The journalist addressed the rumors and revealed his career plans

After leaving “Question for Breakfast”, Kurzajewski did not stop appearing in programs broadcast on other channels of the station. Some time ago, the director of TVP Sport spoke about further cooperation with him in an interview with . – One thing does not determine the other. Maciej Kurzajewski was on the jumps last week, now he is working in Kulm at the ski flying world championships. The fact that one TVP editorial office has stopped cooperating with someone does not exclude the possibility of working in another editorial office – explained Jakub Kwiatkowski. But that’s not the end of the surprises.

A few days ago, Katarzyna Cichopek organized a live broadcast for fans, during which she answered the most frequently asked questions. At some point, Kurzajewski, with whom she is in a private relationship, also joined her. The presenter decided to comment on numerous speculations about his alleged dismissal from TVP. that, contrary to rumors, she will still appear on the station, because she will soon start working on a format loved by viewers. We are talking about the 2nd season of the program “Giants of History”, of which he is still the host.

Source: Gazeta

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