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Jacek Braciak on TVP harshly about former employees of the Television.  “They were banners”

Jacek Braciak on TVP harshly about former employees of the Television. “They were banners”

Jacek Braciak was a guest of Marek Czyżaw TVP Info in the program “Bez retuszu”. The actor tried to answer the question of how to unite Poland divided into two camps. A lot of bitter words were said.

in Marek Czyż’s program “Bez retoszu” he tried to find a way to reunite Poles divided into hostile camps. The actor did not hide the fact that he did not see any solution that could work on a nationwide scale. He recalled his personal story, but also touched on the topic of TVP employees.

Jacek Braciak harshly about former TVP employees

Jacek Braciak’s conversation with Marek Czyż in “Bez retoszu” could just as easily end with one question and one sentence: how to connect Poland? I don’t know. For some reason, Marek Czyż tried to force the actor to provide a diagnosis and remedy for contemporary divisions. It wasn’t easy, but eventually we managed to come to some preliminary conclusions. Braciak quoted a story literally from his own backyard and told about a neighbor whose political beliefs he was sure of. After the elections on October 15, it turned out that the men had diametrically opposed views on reality – Braciak was happy with the Coalition’s victory, Mr. Sławek voted for PiS. After a few days, the actor turned to his neighbor and asked them to put aside political disputes and continue to behave as before:

“But Mr. Jacek, come on! Of course!” If only it could be done! It was possible with Mr. Sławek, but it is impossible in divided families. I don’t know. The only thing that comes to my mind is not to stigmatize my colleagues who worked on public television, because I won’t feed them. But of course I have an opinion about those who were flag bearers or mouthpieces of the regime. Because it was a regime

Marek Czyż retorted that now the losing side could talk about the “regime”.

The point is that we shouldn’t tug at each other’s lapels

– summed up Jacek Braciak.

Jacek Braciak about personal problems

The conversation also concerned the dual legal system that currently exists in Poland. Due to changes in the judiciary under the Law and Justice team, the courts are even more sluggish. Jacek Braciak is a victim of just such slackness:

My son has been waiting for two years for us to go to court with his mother and say that we got the gender wrong. This is not considered necessary in this country, given the current legal situation. It doesn’t matter that his ID shows a different gender, a different name, and he is ashamed and doesn’t know. At the beginning of December, someone hit me with a car and ran away. It’s the beginning of March. It is still not possible to obtain monitoring from the city. I feel bad about this. But I’m not a lawyer or a constitutionalist. The only mechanism available to me is elections and, it seems, referendums. These are my rights

– he concluded bitterly.

Source: Gazeta

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