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Put one piece in your wallet.  Works better than a savings account.  Doubles your cash

Put one piece in your wallet. Works better than a savings account. Doubles your cash

Do you feel like money is just slipping out of your wallet? It’s high time to turn over the card. Put one thing in your purse and see that it attracts luck. Your wallet will always be full of cash. Remember to take this superstition with a grain of salt.

You work hard, plan your expenses carefully, but money keeps running out? Many people wonder what they are doing wrong that prevents them from saving money. Sometimes happiness needs a little help. One thing put in your wallet will improve your financial situation and attract cash to you. It’s a small item, so you don’t have to worry that it will take up a lot of space in your purse.

What to put in your wallet for good luck? You definitely have it in your kitchen

There are plenty of superstitions related to wallet and money. The most popular one says not to put your purse or backpack on the floor because the cash will run away. It is also believed that if someone doesn’t recognize you on the street, it means you will be rich. According to beliefs, it is worth carrying one item in your wallet.

It drives away poverty and attracts wealth instead. It’s about the bay leaf. One piece is enough to get rid of bad energy. You can also replace the leaf with basil, sunflower seeds, cloves or jasmine. If you don’t have room in your purse, you can put such a natural amulet in your purse. The intense scent acts as a magnet for wealth.

What to put in your wallet for good luck? Kalibradov

What attracts money to your wallet? Always keep this item close to you

A bay leaf is not the only thing worth carrying in your wallet. If you are not convinced by its smell, you can easily replace it with other items. A red ribbon or string will attract money to you. According to Chinese tradition, you need to tie eight knots in them and put them in your purse. Another alternative is a small mirror in which they will be reflected. As a result, there will be twice as many of them. In addition, pay attention to the color of the wallet. A model in red, green or blue brings happiness. Black and brown purses are considered unlucky.

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