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We were at the premiere of the final season of “Rojst”.  “No one expects what will happen”

We were at the premiere of the final season of “Rojst”. “No one expects what will happen”

We were at the premiere of the series “Rojst” at the Kinoteka in Warsaw. The cast and creators of the production told us what we can expect from the final season of the series and tried to remember their own moods as they stood on the threshold of the new millennium.

From February 28, you can watch the third season of the series “Rojst” on Netflix with Dawid Ogrodnik, Andrzej Seweryn and Magdalena Różczka. The ceremonial premiere of the production took place at the Warsaw Kinoteka, and the organizers tried to perfectly reflect the atmosphere of both the series and the late 1990s.

We were at the premiere of the final series of “Rojst”

In the new season, the creators take viewers to the forest in Gronty again, but the series has also undergone major changes. Editor Wanycz (Andrzej Seweryn) left the editorial office and is enjoying retirement. Zarzycki (Dawid Ogrodnik) also spends more time at home. The story gains momentum when archaeologist Joanna Drewicz (Vanessa Aleksander) and other researchers find the skeleton of a woman, significantly different from the rest buried during the war. reporter, Agnieszka Matracka, present at the premiere of “Rojst”, talked to, among others, Kasper Bajon, the production’s scriptwriter. The creator admitted that the third season was the closest to him in time, but creating a story was still a huge challenge. “I envy all of you that you are about to watch it,” said Magdalena Różczka, the series sergeant of Anna Jass, with enthusiasm.

“Nobody expects this” – Dawid Ogrodnik announces the new season of “Rojst”.

“I don’t think anyone expects how many threads have been twisted and changed here. Today I heard that this third part is the best of the entire trilogy, which made me extremely happy,” confessed Dawid Ogrodnik. Andrzej Seweryn also talked about the fact that the final series of “Rojst” will surprise with new products and previously unknown motifs during the premiere.

“‘Millenium’ is the kind of series that you watch in one sitting because it’s addictive, like the titular swamp. It’s also a real pity that the third season of ‘Rojst’ is also the last one, because the creators did it the best of all,” he writes in the review Justyna Bryczkowska from

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