The Valencian group La Raíz put tickets on sale for what was going to be their only concert in 2024 at the WiZink Center in Madrid this Thursday, February 29 and after sell out tickets in record timehave announced on their networks that they will hold a second concert in Madrid next December and have even indicated that “They will prepare a tour for 2025.”

This is an expected musical reunion and the first concert will take place on Friday, November 22, but, As they have indicated on their social networks, the tickets have sold out. in 20 minutes. In addition, the sale of the long-awaited tickets has generated a lot of criticism on social networks, after many users They will be left without access to the concert after waiting an hour in the virtual queue.

For this reason, the band has responded on their Instagram account and through a story they have apologized to the thousands of people in line who were left empty-handed. In addition, they have stressed that at 9:55 a.m., five minutes before opening the sale There were 50,000 people in the virtual queue even though the capacity is 17,000 and they described it as “an uncontrollable funnel.”

“We will do a second date in December that we will announce as soon as possible and we will prepare a tour to match in 2025,” they have written on their networks. Furthermore, they have shown their surprise at the great reception, exclaiming, “six years later you were there, selling out in twenty minutes.”

The long-awaited reunion

After the commotion generated at the beginning of February with the publication of a video in which the band announced their return, La Raíz confirmed what their fans were waiting for: there will be musical reunion in 2024 six years after their last concert. “We promised that we would see each other again and we are going to keep it in 2024. There is no designed idea of ​​a continued reunion, but it is clear that at least we are going to get together once again to sing the songs with the public. It will be a reunion that we owe to the Band,” said Pablo Sánchez, leader of the group.

La Raíz thus ends a break that for many fans was incomprehensible, since he said goodbye at the highest point of his career, with six albums behind him and international tours in Argentina, Chile, Berlin, Hamburg, London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Rome, Lisbon, Porto, Poland, Mexico and Colombia. This year, those from Gandía return to fulfill their promise of “We will see us again” after their last and massive concert on November 17, 2018 before more than 20,000 people in Valencia.