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Freckles are still very fashionable!  The TikToker shows how to easily make them… with broccoli

Freckles are still very fashionable! The TikToker shows how to easily make them… with broccoli

Years ago, many people considered freckles to be a defect that should be camouflaged. Now we appreciate natural beauty, and freckles have become a trend that adds youth to the face. Cosmetic techniques of making them have become fashionable. This one definitely surprises.

In the past, any changes on the face were the subject of complexes. Heavy makeup was supposed to cover up acne, discoloration or freckles. A thick layer of foundation is not always good for the skin. Trends have been changing for some time and we are leaning more towards nature. Freckles are no longer a cause for shame, we actually strive for them. Some techniques are truly surprising!

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Freckles are an object of desire. They add girlish charm

Tattoos imitating freckles have become very popular. However, this is a radical decision that will be difficult to withdraw from. Henna is less stringent, although it is worth making sure that it does not cause allergies. Some people choose brown eyebrow pencil, but it is difficult to achieve a natural effect this way. The method using a toothbrush and self-tanner has also gained recognition. The safest option is to use washable methods, like makeup. Then we can get rid of such freckles quickly. The broccoli technique has become an absolute hit on social media.

Broccoli freckles. A surprising and very simple technique

An influencer shared an absolutely surprising way to achieve freckles. She used a sprig of broccoli and bronzer. She spread the bronzer on the surface of the broccoli and stamped the “pattern” like a stamp on the face. The effect looks extremely natural and is easy to wash off.

There were a lot of critical comments about wasting food, but there was also a lot of admiration.

This is the best method for painting freckles I’ve ever seen.

Absolutely brilliant!

I imagine a conversation like this: You have beautiful freckles. Are they natural? Yes, made from broccoli.

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