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A pioneer of ballroom in Poland.  “We subordinate our whole lives to this” [SLAY SHOW]

A pioneer of ballroom in Poland. “We subordinate our whole lives to this” [SLAY SHOW]

Voguing was initiated by Madonna in pop culture. Recently, during her tour, we could also see him on stage with Beyonce. It turns out that it’s not just about dancing, but about the whole lifestyle, of which voguing is a part. In today’s episode of “Slay Show”, a true pioneer of Polish ballroom, Madlen Revlon.

Medlen Revlon, as we mentioned above is a pioneer of ballroom in Poland. Most of you are probably wondering what it actually is. – It is a community that was created by African-American and Latino transwomen in the United States, specifically in New York in the 1960s and 1970s – explains Madlen.

The girls created a space to make them feel accepted and safe. It is still the case today that the ballroom functions in the same way. (…) More broadly, ballroom is also known for voguing, a dance style that falls into the performative category. She was first promoted by Madonna through her music video “Vogue” and her concert tour. Another revival and mainstream demonstration of voguing was Beyonce’s concert tour

And how? ballroom appeared in Poland? Who can join this community? What are the rules there? You will learn all this from the latest episode of “Slay Show”.

Madlen Revlon: Voguing is a lifestyle, not a dance style

Madlen Revlon emphasizes that this is true Voguing is not just a dance style, but a lifestyle. – Being in the ballroom, we subordinate our whole lives to this (…). Thanks to this, you gain self-confidence and meet people who are similar to you, because queer people are often not fully accepted, especially in Poland by their biological families – the “Slay Show” guest explains to us.

In the ballroom, the girls came up with it by creating an alternative reality in which we have houses. We only have houses with people we chose. There are no blood ties, but it is a family of choice. We have a structure exactly the same as in biological families (…). In the “House of Revlon” we have two mothers and four children, but there can be a mother, a father, a godmother, a godfather. People who are higher are called leaders, who introduce and guide people who are just starting out

– explains.

All episodes of “Slay Show” are also available on Spotify.

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