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What to do to ensure that daffodils in a pot survive until Christmas?  All you need is a finger test.  They will sprout new buds

What to do to ensure that daffodils in a pot survive until Christmas? All you need is a finger test. They will sprout new buds

Daffodils in pots are undoubtedly one of the first signs of approaching spring. They are extremely charming and decorate many apartments at the end of winter. How to care for them so that they will delight you with their flowers for a long time?

As the end of winter approaches, beautiful, colorful flowers in pots appear in flower shops and some shops, which are supposed to bring some freshness and spring joy. These are colorful and fragrant hyacinths, miniature tulips, charming grape hyacinths and, of course, sun-colored daffodils. How to care for the latter so that they last until the holidays?

How to care for daffodils in a pot? Start by purchasing responsibly

If you like having plenty of flowers in your apartment, it is worth buying daffodils in a pot. They last much longer than cut ones, and at the same time they look really beautiful and bring a bit of cheerfulness and spring freshness. Moreover, they are not complicated to grow. All you need to do is follow a few rules and they will delight your eye with their intensely yellow flowers for a long time. First of all, if you can afford it, purchase the plant on a relatively warm day, as a sudden change in temperature may harm them. In case of frost, protect them before leaving the flower shop.

How to grow daffodils in a pot? How to grow daffodils in a pot? Photo Private archive

How often should you water daffodils in a pot? Do the finger test

In your apartment, find a bright place for daffodils, but without intense sun, so that its rays do not fall on them. Otherwise, it may get burned. Another important issue is proper watering. Do it often, but not too much. The idea is to keep the soil in the pot slightly moist all the time, but avoid overwatering it.a. Excess water may cause the bulbs to rot, making them unsuitable for planting next year, and the plant itself will die. It’s best to check the soil with your finger, i.e. stick it a little deeper to make sure it hasn’t dried out.

What to do with a daffodil after it blooms? Remember this and it will delight you next year

Daffodil care also involves regularly removing individual, faded ones it will produce more buds and will last for a very long time. Importantly, the plant does not require fertilization. When the season is over, wait until it dries completely, then remove all the leaves and remove the bulbs from the pot, clean them and keep them in a dark and cool place. Once prepared, you can safely transfer them to the ground in the fall, so they will bloom again in the spring.

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