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The boy dumped Doda because of the music, and it wasn’t her music.  The time for revenge came after many years

The boy dumped Doda because of the music, and it wasn’t her music. The time for revenge came after many years

In her broadcast, Doda talked about one of her breakups from years ago. Her boyfriend dumped her because of her musical tastes.

does not hide his fondness for playing guitar. She is a huge fan of Guns N’ Roses, and she started her musical career in rock. Loyal fans of the artist remember that the Virgin band with Rabczewska on vocals was different from what she creates today.

Doda admitted that her boyfriend dumped her because of The Kelly Family

However, even in the past, the singer did not limit herself to genres. Her wide musical taste even had a negative impact on one of Rabczewska’s relationships. Her former boyfriend decided that the band she listened to was not ambitious enough, and that’s why they broke up.

Doda told the story of the breakup in the last edition of the “Dodaphone” program on RMF FM, in which she talked to listeners about single life – what are the advantages and disadvantages of being single and being in a relationship.

– I also broke up with my boyfriend once, I’m sorry, he dumped me. Because I listened to Kelly Family and he listened to Edyta Bartosiewicz. So he decided that it was an embarrassment and that he would not meet with me – admitted the artist.

He dumped her because of The Kelly Family. Years later, she quoted a song to him

Doda pointed out that the story has no end here, because the former partners met after many years, when Rabczewska was already playing in Virgin and was very successful. “I met him in the center of Warsaw, he probably worked as a waiter. I walked confidently, because, you know, I was already a rock girl. He invited me for coffee and started asking me if he could play drums in my band. I I say, boy, I’ll tell you one thing – ‘Sometimes I were an angel'” – she quoted a fragment of the song The Kelly Family to Dod’s ex-boyfriend.

The artist concluded her program by confiding that she had often been in relationships in which she felt lonely. According to her, this is a much worse option than being alone by choice.

Source: Gazeta

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