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An important astrological date is approaching!  On this day, pay attention to your dreams and… your feet

An important astrological date is approaching! On this day, pay attention to your dreams and… your feet

We will soon experience the extremely intense and deep energy of the Moon. If we have been delaying something, this will be a perfect moment to visualize our plans. It is better to write down this date, because it may contain extremely interesting thoughts and unique dreams.

At the beginning of March, an important astrological date is coming. The New Moon in the sign of Pisces will begin on March 10 at 9:59 am. If we wanted to make changes to our lives, try something completely different or open a new chapter – the new moon is the perfect moment to manifest and visualize our desires. Especially the one in the sign of Pisces will allow us to sharpen our intuition and make us take a journey into our inner selves. Why?

In astrology, new moons are associated with beginnings or transformations. The new moon is a time of reflection and intense spiritual and emotional experiences. In March, we will have a new moon in Pisces – which is also a sign of great sensitivity and sharp intuition. It is also said that Pisces have the so-called third Eye.

So don’t be surprised if your dreams turn out to be exceptionally intense or maybe even prophetic that night.

How to use the new moon in Pisces and what about those feet?

In addition to visualizing our dreams that day, it is worth surrendering to the cleansing energy of Pisces and focusing on emotional matters. The sensitive sign of Pisces is associated with the nervous system and tells you to maintain a balance between work and rest. One of the attributes of Pisces in astrology are feet. It is said that people born under this sign are extremely well connected with nature, which they feel, for example, by walking barefoot in nature. In turn, according to In medical astrology, people with this sign may have tendencies, for example, to have halluxes or corns.

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