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Ken’s frolics in “Big Brother” were watched by millions.  But it was only years later that he found his place in the media

Ken’s frolics in “Big Brother” were watched by millions. But it was only years later that he found his place in the media

Łukasz Wiewiórski is particularly remembered by the viewers of the former “Big Brother”. Together with Maja Frytkowska, he gave himself up to passion, which was closely watched by TV viewers. It all ended with a moral scandal, which at that time caused serious image losses. How did the life of the famous “Ken” unfold? After many years, he found his place among the stars.

Łukasz Wiewiórski took part in the third edition of “Big Brother”, which was shown in the spring of 2002 on TVN. During the program, he began to be nicknamed “Ken”, and in the history of viewers he was remembered as the hero of one of the first television moral scandals in Poland.

Their romance was followed by millions of Poles. Later, they had a bad reputation for years

It’s about the memorable games in the jacuzzi between Wiewiórski and Maja Frytkowska, who at that time used the name Agnieszka. The media wrote about it, criticizing primarily the woman who participated in it. The bad reputation followed her for years, and in the book she wrote entitled “Overcome yourself” stated that there was no copulation between them.

The media reported on sexual intercourse that… did not happen! The truth is that one of the cameramen was rushing with the camera so much that he hit the one-way mirror with force. The noise made me immediately come to my senses and we finished frolicking in the foam… Meanwhile, the news went out that we were having sex on TV like rabbits, and I was called the whore of all time – she wrote years ago.

“Ken” and “Frytka” were a couple for a short time after leaving the walls of the Big Brother house, but their feelings quickly faded. They also did not get any opportunities to cooperate, which could only accelerate the breakdown of their relationship. However, this was only the beginning of the end of Wiewiórski’s career in show business.

After the program, he confessed that he dreams of a career as a model and actor. However, apart from posing in promotional magazines and sitting in the audience of entertainment programs, he did not manage to achieve anything else. This may have been influenced by the very critical opinion of society, which believed that the couple had seriously violated the boundaries of decency.

The famous “Ken” found his place in show business after many years. However, he is neither a model nor an actor

Many years after participating in “Big Brother”, Wiewiórski found his place in show business, but not as a star. He has been associated with the film industry for many years, where he is responsible for organizing work on the production side. He works on the set of many commercials and music videos, and in 2017 he was involved in the production of the Polsat series “Cats and Courtship”. He also worked on a film set as a production manager in the satirical series “Ekler”.

Łukasz “Ken” Wiewiórski is also active on social media. His account is followed by almost 3,800 people, and his profile is filled with various photos from both work and private life. We can also often see photos of the show participants’ beloved dogs there. Sometimes he also publishes photos with famous people with whom he had the opportunity to cooperate. Last year he showed a photo with Piotr Fronczewski, with whom he most likely worked on the set of a famous beer advertisement.

Source: Gazeta

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