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An Australian presenter and his boyfriend were killed.  The policeman, who is his ex, heard the charges

An Australian presenter and his boyfriend were killed. The policeman, who is his ex, heard the charges

The Australian TV presenter and his life partner had been missing for several days. A few days ago, local media reported the murder, and charges were brought against a policeman who had previously met with a famous presenter. Initially, he hid from the services, but eventually he turned himself in to the police station.

26-year-old Jesse Baird was the presenter of the breakfast program “Studio 10”, which is broadcast on the local Australian station Network 10. A few days ago, the local press reported the disappearance of the young presenter and his life partner, Luke Davies.

A 26-year-old TV presenter and his partner are dead. The journalist’s ex-boyfriend murdered them

The search began when the 26-year-old did not show up for work and his personal belongings, such as a mobile phone, credit cards and clothes, were found in the garbage can. In turn, the police found traces of blood in the house itself. Everything indicates that a 28-year-old policeman who previously dated Baird is behind the murder of the young journalist and his boyfriend.

The presenter and the law enforcement officer allegedly parted ways in a tense atmosphere, after which Baird was allegedly harassed by him. Detectives believed the 26-year-old and his partner were murdered at the journalist’s home in Paddington, a Sydney suburb. Although the victims’ bodies have not yet been found, investigators managed to locate the van in which the bodies were probably transported. It was located 115 km from the city.

The breakthrough in the case came on Friday. Suspected policeman Beau Lamarre-Condon reported to the police station and confessed to the murder, but did not reveal any more details. Investigators had already become suspicious because the suspect stopped showing up for work after finding Baird and Davies’ bloody belongings. The police then became suspicious and started looking for him.

However, the viewers of the Australian breakfast program are in great shock and cannot believe what happened. On the Instagram profile of the murdered presenter, we can read many comments in which people express condolences and say what they think about the whole case. “Rest in peace, Jesse. Thinking of your family and friends,” “I can’t believe this guy is gone. Such an inspiration on Channel 10,” we read.

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