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How to recognize products from Ukraine?  The barcode will tell you the truth.  Look at the first 3 digits

How to recognize products from Ukraine? The barcode will tell you the truth. Look at the first 3 digits

For many people, the origin of a product is important. There has been a lot of talk about products from Ukraine recently. How to read a barcode? Ukraine has a very similar marking to Belarusian, so it is worth being careful.

By purchasing products from a given country, we support its economy. How to recognize where something comes from? The barcode is important. exports many products to Poland, including snacks and sweets, kvass, sauces and pasta. What are the markings for products from this country?

What information does a barcode contain? We will find there not only the country of origin

A barcode contains a lot of information. It’s also the easiest way to check where a product comes from. What else can we find in it? Well, the first 3 digits indicate the origin, the next 4 refer to the manufacturer or are the number indicating the distributor. The next 5 digits are the product type, and the last one serves as a control.

Barcode Ukraine Barcode Ukraine, photo: istock/@vchal

After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, there was a lot of media coverage about avoiding Russian and Belarusian products. How to recognize them? The barcode starting with 46 is a sign that it was produced in the area, and the one marked with the numbers 481 comes from Belarus.

How to read a barcode? Ukraine differs from Belarus only by one digit. We better watch out

If we want to check the origin of a product, the easiest way is to look at the barcode. However, Ukraine has a very similar designation to Belarus and it is easy to make a mistake here. The Ukrainian barcode is 482. It is also worth keeping in mind that codes meaning that the product comes from Poland, starting from 590. Any other numbers tell us that we are dealing with imports from abroad. 500 to 509 is Great Britain, 560 is Portugal, 30 to 37 is France and Germany is 400 to 440.

Source: Gazeta

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