8 pieces for PLN 8! This set from Action is amazing and very stylish. Also beautiful in Mohito and Temu

8 pieces for PLN 8! This set from Action is amazing and very stylish. Also beautiful in Mohito and Temu

As soon as I saw this promotion on the Action website, I ran to the store as quickly as possible. I paid only PLN 8 for a beautiful and extremely feminine set! I will not part with this miracle. It is great for every day and on special occasions. Also beautiful in Temu and Mohito.

As soon as I found this set on the Action website, I immediately ran to the store to buy it. For less than PLN 9, I bought a beautiful set of 8 pairs of earrings. I can change them at will, depending on my mood and occasion. The set is available in two colors, but I chose the gold one.


source: action.com

The set includes both very decorative and elegant earrings, as well as those suitable for everyday use. Action offers as many as 5 variants of this set, so for just over PLN 40 you can enjoy as many as 40 pairs of unique and beautiful earrings. The set includes both minimalist and shiny and more flashy pieces.

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It looks like Swarovski but costs pennies! Now even cheaper

If, like me, you are a fan of trinkets, you will not be able to ignore this ring. I found it on Temu and couldn’t believe the price. It is currently on great promotion and you can buy it for PLN 3.25!

source: ago.com

It amazed me with its elegant and crazy design. It’s not often that I can buy such a beautiful piece at such a low price. It looks like models costing several hundred zlotys. It is a great accessory for any, even the most elegant, occasion, and its shine can be seen from afar!

A timeless accessory in Mohito. It is elegant and extremely feminine

If you are not a fan of shiny and flashy jewelry, I have found the perfect, minimalist accessory for you. Finally, I present to you the bracelet I gave to my mother. It is a very classic and stylish accessory that will add elegance to even the simplest styles. Thanks to its universal form, it suits many occasions and will make you feel special in any situation.

The bracelet has an interesting, asymmetrical design and is made of gold-colored zinc.

Source: Gazeta