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Forget about jackets and coats.  We will wear it in spring!  I fell in love instantly and wear it non-stop

Forget about jackets and coats. We will wear it in spring! I fell in love instantly and wear it non-stop

Quilted jackets and trench coats are quite an obvious choice for spring. If you like to stand out, but not at the expense of comfort, this solution will definitely satisfy you.

It’s getting warmer, so it’s worth considering outerwear for spring. March is quite an unpredictable month, so it is worth being prepared for various conditions. If you are tired of such basic solutions as a quilted jacket or a beige trench coat, it is worth getting inspired by fashion bloggers. They give us a great alternative.

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A great alternative to traditional jackets. English charm

Vests will be a hit this spring. And although you may think that this is nothing new or stylish, this version of them definitely contradicts that. Now vests take on a new character. Double-sided vests look extremely stylish – they are plain on one side and have an elegant pattern on the other. An example is a Burberry-style check pattern. It will look beautiful with fitted sweaters and jeans. It has a touch of British nonchalance.

Vests tied with a belt will also be very fashionable, which also looks very elegant and at the same time ensures a tight fit to the figure and better retention of heat. In addition, it is worth considering maxi vests, i.e. long vests like coats. They have the advantages of a quilted jacket, but also of a classic trench coat. If you value comprehensive solutions, a hood will provide additional protection. Remember that the more interesting the quilting pattern, the better.

Staying on the topic of trends, but moving away from vests, it is worth checking out the new version of the quilted jacket. It’s a bomber jacket, but long. The classic round collar is retained, but thanks to this length, the jacket gains elegance.

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