Did Jackson’s former bodyguard reveal his secret? That’s why the king of pop had to undergo nose surgery

Did Jackson’s former bodyguard reveal his secret? That’s why the king of pop had to undergo nose surgery

Michael Jackson’s private life still arouses great emotions. The king of pop had a spectacular metamorphosis that completely changed his appearance. It was the result of numerous plastic surgeries, as a result of which he apparently lost his nose and had to wear a prosthesis. His long-time bodyguard, Matt Fiddes, talked about what really happened in the latest interview.

Although he has been dead for almost 15 years, he is still considered one of the greatest and best-selling vocalists of all time. His songs constantly conquer the charts and enjoy recognition among subsequent generations. His turbulent private life, including his characteristic stage image, is also of equal interest.


How many surgeries did Michael Jackson have? This is what apparently happened to the King of Pop’s nose

It’s no secret that he was obsessed with his appearance. For almost three decades, he underwent approximately 100 plastic surgeries, 12 of which concerned the modification of his nose, which he changed for the first time in 1979. Shortly after his death, information circulated in the media that he actually didn’t have it at all. Apparently it was removed as a result of an infection that occurred after one of the procedures, which forced him to wear a prosthesis. about this, among others the manager of his estate, Adrian McManus, convincing in interviews that the star’s wardrobe contained a special container with artificial noses and glue. There were rumors that the autopsy also showed that Jackson only had a hole in the nasal cartilage, missing the tip and ridge. Ultimately, however, none of this information was officially confirmed and remained a matter of speculation, becoming an excuse for fans to create further conspiracy theories.

Michael Jackson’s bodyguard gave the reason for his numerous surgeries. Is that why he wanted to change his nose?

According to the British portal, Matt Fiddes, who served as his bodyguard for over a decade, also talked about Jackson’s passion for plastic surgery in the latest interview. He admitted that the desire for change was partly due to his difficult childhood. As he said, he couldn’t stand the fact that he was like his father, who used violence against him. However, his nose was his most sensitive point, because it was because of it that he received the most malicious comments from his loved ones. – His family often teased him about the size of his nose. He was called “big nose” and so on – he said on Steven Sulley’s podcast. According to his account, it was his despotic father who particularly criticized him for this. “You didn’t get it from me, you got it from your mom,” he allegedly told him. “It hurt him a lot,” the bodyguard admitted.

Ultimately, it was not offensive comments, but an accident Jackson suffered at the age of 21 that prompted him to undergo the procedure. The king of pop spent many hours practicing his signature stage moves. One day he lost his balance and accidentally fell, as a result of which he broke his nose. – He decided that since he would be under anesthesia, it was the perfect opportunity to simply make his nose smaller – said Fiddes. At the same time, he added that he was unable to confirm how much the singer had, because they didn’t talk about it. He emphasized, however, that if it weren’t for the contract with the record label, he probably wouldn’t have decided on such a spectacular metamorphosis, but it was what stimulated interest in him, thanks to which he sold much more records, deriving huge profits from it. – He had to maintain this image because behind him were record labels that paid him billions – he concluded.

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