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This “syrup” for plants will save orchids, sansevierias and Spathiphyllum.  He will resurrect every consumptive

This “syrup” for plants will save orchids, sansevierias and Spathiphyllum. He will resurrect every consumptive

After winter, not only garden plants require nourishment, but also those we keep at home. Dry air from the radiator is definitely not good for them and sometimes causes them to dry out. Fortunately, there is a way to bring them back to life.

How to nourish potted plants? Instead of running to the garden store and spending money, you can prepare the conditioner at home. You only need 2 ingredients and the flowers will revive and sprout new leaves in no time. This “syrup” will bring any plant back to life.

Is sugar good for flowers? You can prepare the plant nutrient bomb yourself

This homemade conditioner will not only strengthen your plants and stimulate them to grow, but also speed up the flowering period. It is perfect for grodnik, orchids, swords, or the popular plant in many homes. How to prepare it?

Homemade flower food Homemade flower conditioner, photo: private archive

For flowers to grow healthily, they need energy, which we can provide them with in the form of sugar. Water with simple carbohydrates will work perfectly. Just add a tablespoon of sugar to 500 ml of warm water, mix, and when the solution cools down, water the plants. Remember to be regular and use this trick at least once a month to get results.

What is sugar good for? It will be useful not only in the garden

Sugar will also be useful for extending the life of cut flowers. Before you place them in a vase, remember to cut their ends by 1 to 3 cm at a 45-degree angle. Then pour water into the vase, add a teaspoon of sugar and mix, then add the flowers. This is a great way to make them last much longer. You can also fertilize crops such as tomatoes with sugar. If you water the vegetables with water with sugar during the fruiting period, you will make the tomatoes have a much nicer color and sweeter taste, and you will also protect them against some pests, such as nematodes.

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