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How many dogs play “Commissioner Alex”?  Even the biggest movie stars don’t have that many doubles

How many dogs play “Commissioner Alex”? Even the biggest movie stars don’t have that many doubles

For over a decade, “Commissioner Alex” has enjoyed unflagging popularity among viewers. Many of them wonder how many dog ​​actors actually play the title character. Contrary to appearances, not one at all. How many pets did the staff have over the years? You will be surprised.

The series (available on the website) was broadcast on TV One in March 2012 and quickly became a TVP hit. Since then, millions of viewers have gathered in front of the screens during broadcast hours to follow the crazy adventures of investigators from the Łódź homicide department and their four-legged companion, played by a total of seven different people over the years.

What happened to the first commissioner Alex? This is what happened to the dog from the series

The first to join the cast was Rocky, who was the prototype for the character of Alex. His incredible tricks and skills, which he eagerly showed off in front of the camera, made viewers instantly fall in love with him. Due to his age, his adventure with production had to end after some time, but he still remained an integral part of it. As the animal trainer Beata Krzemińska, under whose care he was taking care of, explained in one of the interviews, he spent the last two years of his life on the set as a companion. – Rocky did not suffer from hip dysplasia or spine degeneration, which is typical for this breed, but unfortunately he was becoming more and more infirm with age, he had problems with jumping into the chair, his hearing was getting worse, which made contact with the team difficult – about the reasons for excluding him from the production of episodes.

Ultimately, Rocky’s place went to Wafel, but he was also quite old for this breed and passed away shortly later. Then the role was entrusted to Rameses, who appeared in most scenes for a long time. He was often accompanied by Iwo and Odi, who, due to his slightly different appearance from the other dogs, left the cast after only one season. After some time, further changes took place, as a result of which Iwo began to play the first violin and to this day he remains the main dog actor in “Commissioner Alex”. However, this is not the end of surprises.

How many dogs currently play “Commissioner Alex”? The animal trainer revealed details of the four-legged cast

Krzemińska and her husband, Andrzej, with whom she works in the production, decided to buy two puppies from a breeding farm in order to raise them as actors and thus create a worthy successor for the main role. In this way, Wick and Groot joined their group, who will probably take Iwo’s place when he retires. – He is still young and just learning, but he is already doing great, he will be a worthy successor to Rocky – the trainer, adding that both dogs have been observing the work on the set from the beginning and are preparing their conscience for the tasks they will soon perform “on “full time”.

In another interview, she revealed that choosing a dog to work on the set is actually a tedious and difficult process. Most often, people are looking for people with a gentle temperament and the ability to establish relationships with people, which is crucial when working on a film or TV series. It is also important that it is not timid and can tolerate various noises and many hours of hard work, especially when learning new tricks or acrobatics.

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