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What would you wear on a first date?  Get to know yourself better.  Every element matters

What would you wear on a first date? Get to know yourself better. Every element matters

The first date is an extremely important event. We want to look our best and that’s why we spend long hours preparing. Which of these styles would you wear to such a meeting? The choice will reveal a certain feature of your character.

A first date can be exciting and stressful at the same time. We want to make the best impression on the man and continue the relationship later. We wonder for a long time what to wear. We want to look elegant, attractive and appropriate to the occasion. Which outfit from the picture is closest to your heart? Remember to take the following descriptions with a pinch of salt.

How to dress for a first date? Choose one style

If you chose style number 1, you like to surround yourself with valuable items. A date is the perfect opportunity for you to wear the best clothes you have in your closet. You value luxury and you know that hard work pays off. You are calm, ambitious and have common sense thinking. You know what you want from life and you expect the same determination from your potential partner. Your choice was a figure-hugging jumpsuit, i.e. outfit number 2? You put comfort first. You feel best in jeans and don’t like dresses. You are down to earth and have leadership skills. You are honest, direct and open. You have no problems making new friends.

How to dress for a first date? Bach

Styling for a first date. What does it say about your character?

Did you choose outfit number 3? You are sensitive and a bit shy. You like romantic gestures: candlelight dinners and bouquets. You get moved by romantic comedies and dream of experiencing great love straight from “Titanic” or “Dirty Dancing”. You go on your first date with the mindset that you will find your soulmate.

Style number 4 is the choice of a person who approaches life in a relaxed way. You don’t expect fireworks on a first date. You prefer to keep your distance and get to know someone well before you decide to marry. You want your partner to be your best friend. You are careful because you know that building a lasting relationship takes time. If you chose style number 5, you are closed to yourself. It’s hard for you to trust anyone because you’re afraid of getting hurt. The outfit is like your protective armor. In fact, you are delicate inside and you would like to meet someone who will support you.

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