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How many plants do you have in your bedroom?  Don’t put them in these places.  They will drain your energy and you won’t perform well at all

How many plants do you have in your bedroom? Don’t put them in these places. They will drain your energy and you won’t perform well at all

Few people know that knowledge of the ancient Chinese art of feng shui can help you fall asleep better. Some people believe that the way we furnish our bedroom directly affects our sleep. Check where to place flower pots and what species to choose.

Regular, calm exercise is important for our health. Some people believe in the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, which can significantly influence relaxation through appropriate furniture arrangement and energy (chi) flow. It is also worth paying attention to the plants that most of us have at home. We like to place them in the bedroom because their close presence improves our mood, calms us down and often makes us sleep better. It turns out that the selection of appropriate species and where we place them can be of great importance. Check where to place flower pots and which plants to choose to enjoy longer and more peaceful sleep. Remember to approach the descriptions below with caution and with a pinch of salt.

What flowers have good energy? Place them in these places and they will ensure better and more restful sleep

its name indicates wind – feng (what is invisible) and water – shui (what is elusive). It symbolizes life force (chi), which can be really reflected in our everyday life. According to the rules, a calm and orderly atmosphere should prevail in the rooms.

The selection of plants for the bedroom and the appropriate arrangement of pots can influence the free movement of energy. Feng shui consists of five elements – fire, earth, metal, water and wood. It is worth placing plants near the tree (east) and in the area (south). Under no circumstances should they be located in the center of the room. They should also be provided with a lot of light and it is not recommended to have more than two plants in the bedroom.

What plants are worth keeping in the bedroom? istock/@Yaraslau Saulevich

Some people also say that it is a good habit to take pots to another room at night so that they do not absorb oxygen. If you don’t want to do this, choose species that have air purifying abilities. We are talking about, among others, Spathiphyllum, aloe and fern, which symbolize health. It is not worth decorating either the bedroom or the rest of the apartment because they can absorb good energy.

What works well for sleep? Simple habits will help you fall asleep quickly

According to feng shui, sleep is disturbed by the presence of mirrors and electronic devices. If you want to get enough sleep, get rid of them from the bedroom and keep things simple. In addition, it is also worth trying other tricks.

  1. Place the bed away from windows and doors — If you don’t have this option, place a large pot with a decorative plant between them (but not in the middle of the room), so that the circulating energy will not disturb your sleep.
  2. Keep it clean — It is worth trying to keep the interior of the bedroom tidy and harmonious, because clutter can negatively affect your well-being.
  3. Keep cables away from the bed — Preferably at a distance of about 1.5 m. It turns out that, just like electronic devices, they can have a negative impact on the quality of sleep.

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