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Not only Ka¼mierska.  The participant of “The Farmer Wants a Wife” will also appear in “Vacation Diaries”

Not only Ka¼mierska. The participant of “The Farmer Wants a Wife” will also appear in “Vacation Diaries”

Soon “Vacation Diaries” will return to the air after a break of several years. One of the people who will appear in the production will be the famous “Queen of Life”, Dagmara Ka¼mierska. Now there are reports about another participant, whose popularity was brought by the reality show “The Farmer Wants a Wife” on TVP. Who are we talking about?

is a para-documentary series based on the German format “X-Diaries”, which debuted on air in October 2011. Different Polish characters appeared in each episode, and their adventures during paradise holidays in Spanish resorts attracted millions of viewers. Despite high viewership results and unflagging popularity, the program was taken off the air after three seasons.

When is the new season of “Vacation Diaries”? There is already an official release date

Already in 2016, there were attempts to reactivate “Holiday Diaries” by releasing another installment, but this did not meet the expected interest from viewers and the next season was ultimately postponed. However, everything indicates that after an 8-year break, the series will appear on TV screens again. TV Four decided to create the 5th season, the premiere of which is scheduled for March 4, 2024 at 9:00 p.m. A few days ago it turned out that Dagmara Kaźmierska, who gained popularity thanks to TTV, will be present in one of the episodes. But that’s not the end of the surprises.

Jessica Miemiec will appear in “Vacation Diaries”. Previously, she was in the program “Farmer Wants a Wife”

An announcement of the new version of “Holiday Diaries” appeared on TV4’s official social media profiles. It turns out that the star of one of the episodes will be Jessica Miemiec from Leszno. Viewers may remember her from the 5th season of the program, in which she tried to win the heart of a certain Krzysztof.

Although the TVP dating reality show did not bring her love, it did bring her popularity, which she has been happy to use in recent years by appearing in many other formats. – I was in “Mother and Daughter” and “Shopping Queen”. I like going to programs, there’s always something new, new people, something happening – honestly in an interview with Plejada.

This time, Miemiec decided to try her hand at a completely new version. The announcement shows that in “Holiday Diaries” she will play the role of 26-year-old Kora, who will go on a Spanish holiday with her friends. Although your holiday plan will be really promising, everything will fall apart during the first dinner.

Source: Gazeta

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