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We got to know the nominations for the Fryderyk Awards 2024. There are groans of dissatisfaction in the comments again: what a nightmare

We got to know the nominations for the Fryderyk Awards 2024. There are groans of dissatisfaction in the comments again: what a nightmare

The nominations for the Fryderyk Awards 2024 have been announced. Sanah, Taco Hemingway and Daria Zawia³ow have a chance to win the award. There was no shortage of groans of disappointment on the Internet, as is the case with any artistic competition. Some did not find their favorite artists on the list.

This year, Fryderyki celebrates its thirtieth anniversary. The awards have been the most important awarded by the music community in Poland for years. “Everyone for whom music is important meets here once a year,” says Andrzej Puczyński, musician, producer and long-time chairman of ZPAV, about the awards ceremony.

Fryderyki 2024. We know the nominees

A unique event will once again take place in Silesia. The Gala of Popular Music and Jazz will take place on March 22 at PreZero Arena Gliwice, and the accompanying events will start a little earlier. The following people will perform on stage: Doda i Smolasty, Daria Zawiałow and Kwiat Jabłoni.

“For us, the Fryderyk Jubilee is not only a reason to be proud, but also a time to sum up. Over the years, we have awarded 875 statuettes, awarded 300 bands and solo artists in the categories of pop music and jazz, and 222 albums in the categories of classical music. We also had the great pleasure of honoring 62 winners of the Golden Fryderyk awards,” Bogusław Pluta, managing director of ZPAV, sums up the anniversary.

As usual, after the nominations were announced, the Internet went into a frenzy. The specificity of awards granted for artistic achievements is inexorable. There will always be someone whose favorite creators are missing from the list. Usually, nominations for the best metal album evoke a lot of emotion among commentators, but this time the comments were different. Immediately after the list was published, those following the event began exchanging comments. Some of the nominations lack Doda and Smolasty, others Oscar Cyms, another person claims that Sanah receives awards too often and should get… her own category. “Some nightmare,” sums up the most disappointed commenter. The lack of nominations for Anita Lipnicka forced the fan to say strong words.

Fryderyki 2024. Nominations in the pop music category [PEŁNA LISTA]

Below we present the full list of nominated artists in the light music category. The people who have a chance to win the statuette include Sanah, Daria Zawiałow and Taco Hemingway.

Artist of the year

  • Daria Zawiałow
  • Hania Rani
  • Kasia Lins
  • Kaśka Sochacka
  • Mery Spolsky
  • Sanah

Artist of the year

  • Krzysztof Zalewski
  • Lech Janerka
  • Taco Hemingway
  • Vito Bambino

Band/Art project of the year

  • Kacperczyk
  • Apple Blossom
  • Lordophone
  • Łona x Konieczny x Krupa
  • Męskie Granie Orkiestra 2023

Phonographic debut of the year

  • Daria from Silesia
  • Frank Leen
  • Kathia
  • Matecki

Song of the year

  • “Fifi Hollywood” – Daria Zawiałow
  • “An ass like a sofa” – Lech Janerka
  • “Tańcuj” – .UC & Rebel Babel Film Orchestra ft. Kayah, Dagadana, Laboratorium Pieśni, Tęgie Chłopy
  • “Superpowers” – Męskie Granie Orkiestra 2023 (Igo, Mrozu, Vito Bambino)
  • “Etna” – Vito Bambino

Pop Album of the Year

  • “Pop Girl” – Daria Zawiałow
  • “My cat is missing and probably won’t come back” – Dawid Tyszkowski
  • “Central Park” – IGNACY
  • “Slideshow” – Apple Blossom
  • “Erotik Era” – Mery Spolsky

Indie Pop Album of the Year

  1. “She was here” – Daria from Silesia
  2. “Omen” – Kasia Lins
  3. “THERE” – Natalia Przybysz
  4. “DEGRENGOLADA” – Kasia Nosowska
  5. “Pracownia” – Vito Bambino

Hip-hop album of the year

  • “TAXI” – Łona x Konieczny x Krupa
  • “1-800-Enlightenment” – Taco Hemingway
  • “HHULTRAS” – Włodi
  • “BRESLAU HARDCORE” – Dead Wasp

Soul/R&B/reggae album of the year

  • “Cycle” – Marika
  • “Coming back” – Paulina Przybysz
  • “Motherlode” – Rosalie.

Rock album of the year

  • “Sick for Poland” – Dr. Misio
  • “We” – Kim Nowak
  • “All the drugs in the world” – Myslovitz
  • “ID.Entity” – Riverside
  • “+hell+heaven+” – WaluśKraksaKryzys

Metal album of the year

  • “Event Horizon” – CARNAl
  • “The world on fire” – Łysa Góra
  • “Wicher” – Ugory

Album of the year alternative

  • “Ghosts” – Hania Rani
  • “drugs” – Jan Emil Młynarski
  • “Gypsum cast of a forgery” – Lech Janerka
  • “Heartcore” – Tense

Electronic album of the year

  • “Paranoia” – KIWI
  • “Borello” – Krzesimir Dębski & Tadeusz Sudnik
  • “Afr AI d” – Mariusz Duda
  • “AtomoGenus” – Władysław GUDONIS Komendarek, Krzysztof Maria Komendarek–Tymendorf
  • “Minus 30° C” – Winter of the Century

Roots Music Album of the Year

  • “In Search of a Better Tomorrow” – EABS meets JAUBI
  • “Crisis” – Disgrace!
  • “Hé oyáte” – Song Laboratory
  • “Damn love songs” – Same Suki
  • “Historical Deconstruction I” – Elemental

Blues album of the year

  • “Full Speed ​​No Brakes” – Boogie Boys
  • “On The Wrong Planet” – PORTER/KARCZEWSKA
  • “Concert in Rozmarino” – Sławek Wierzcholski and Nocna Zmiana Bluesa

Album of the year film, theater and illustrative music

  • “IMAGO (Original soundtrack)” – Andrzej Smolik
  • “On Giacometti” – Hania Rani
  • “Mr. Kleks’ Academy” – Kleks
  • “Chłopi” – LUC & Rebel Babel Film Orchestra
  • “Mother’s Day (Music from the Netflix Film)” – Zamilska

Album of the year, poetic and literary song

  • “Between” – Fismoll
  • “Constellations” – Katarzyna Groniec
  • “The Beginning” – MIUOSH
  • “My heart in Warsaw” – Sorry Boys
  • “Some Old Songs” – Tomek Ziętek

Children’s music album of the year

  • “Invasion of Nerds vol. 1” – Czesław Mozil and the Players of the Future
  • “Home songs” – Natalia Lesz
  • “Fox and Friends” – Singing toddlers

The best concert recording

  • “Live” – ​​Kaśka Sochacka
  • “Mikromusic from the Top Shelf” – Mikromusic
  • “MTV Unplugged” – FROST
  • “Banquet at Sanah” – Sanah
  • “Big Band Live” – ​​Skalpel

Best new performance

  • “Lake of Happiness” – Brodka, Rosalie.
  • “Take care of me” – KRAŚ/ROGUCKI
  • “Nothing Happened (MTV Unplugged)” – FROST
  • “Kisses (M. Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska)” – Sanah
  • “Burning barn” – Zalewski sings Niemen

Music video of the year

  • Krzysztof Kiziewicz for the music video: “I would go” – Łona x Konieczny x Krupa
  • Krzysztof Grajper for the music video: “Supermoce” – Męskie Granie Orkiestra 2023
  • Maciej Aleksander Bierut, Kasia Lins, Karol Łakomiec for the music video: “Po corpses to you” – Kasia Lins
  • Nikodem Marek for the music video: “FIFI HOLLYWOOD” – Daria Zawiałow
  • Tadeusz Śliwa for the music video: “mori” – Dawid Podsiadło

Producer / producer / production team of the year

  • Andrzej Smolik
  • Frank Leen
  • Hania Rani
  • Hotel Torino (Patryk Kumór, Dominik Buczkowski-Wojtaszek)
  • LUC & Rebel Babel Film Orchestra
  • Mateusz Dopieralski (Vito Bambino)

Composer/composing team of the year

  • Daria Zawiałow, Bartosz Dziedzic
  • Lech Janerka
  • Łona, Konieczny, Krupa
  • Sanah, Dominik Buczkowski-Wojtaszek, Patryk Kumór
  • Vito Bambino, Omar Ziembiński, Franciszek Kempa, Moo Latte

Author / author / author team

  • Daria Zawiałow
  • Hania Rani
  • Lech Janerka
  • Sanah
  • Vito Bambino

Source: Gazeta

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