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“The Makeup Scalpel” is an absolute hit.  Your face will look like on the cover!

“The Makeup Scalpel” is an absolute hit. Your face will look like on the cover!

“Makeup scalpel” is a very simple method of contouring the face that will allow you to achieve a stunning effect – says Christen Dominique. The make-up artist runs an Instagram account, through which she shares various tips, tricks and news about make-up and care with her followers.

Makeup is a field in which we can constantly learn something new. For example, face contouring is very popular, giving it a slimmer and more expressive look. Christen Dominique shared a very useful life hack in this regard. What she uses – and recommends to all other contouring enthusiasts – she jokingly calls “makeup scalpel” or “makeup surgery”.

According to the expert, by remembering literally three rules, we can optically slim our cheeks and “sculpt” our cheekbones, almost achieving the effect of filters from Instagram or after processing a digital photo session. All you need are two products – a brush and a blender. Christen emphasizes that the first and most important rule is to choose the appropriate contouring method for the face structure.

Face contouring. All you need are 3 simple rules

“Three places” on our face – as Christen explains in the attached video – are crucial. For people with a slightly larger face, the “semicircle” method will work – the idea is to apply the bronzer just below the cheekbone, outline it and direct the line upwards. Then we blend everything! -Christen emphasizes this every time. Successful contouring means that no line stands out.

Thanks to this, the cheekbone is rounded, high and looks charming

– convinces the make-up artist.

The second option is intended for those with a round, full face. Christen calls her “skeleton”. It is a strong line (only slightly semi-circular under the cheekbone to emphasize it), which should subtly go down the face under the cheekbone. Christen shows it step by step in the attached video, so it’s worth watching.

The “Makeup Scalpel” will delight everyone. “A lot of people think it’s more complicated.”

This contour gives the face an “elongated structure,” says the makeup artist. The third rule of “make-up surgery” is for everyone who likes to have highlighted and optically “lifted” cheekbones. It is a straight line running along the line of the cheekbones. Finally, of course, blend the applied bronzer and it’s ready.

Internet users liked her video very much. They appreciated it mainly because of the simplicity of the methods presented. “I appreciate the simplicity of this contouring video. Many people think it’s much more complicated,” wrote one Instagram user. “Thank you for all your tips, I really appreciate them,” added another Internet user.

Face contouring. Makeup has been known for centuries

It is worth mentioning that the fashion for facial contouring has quite a long and interesting history. The great “boom” began in 2010 (mainly thanks to Kim Kardashian, who popularized contouring and even released her own line of cosmetics dedicated to facial modeling), but the truth is that it has been used for centuries.

In 16th-century England, this was done, for example, by British actors who entertained the aristocracy at court. In Hollywood, the fashion for contouring the face became popular in the 1930s – this type of makeup emphasizing the cheekbones could be admired, for example, by Vivien Leigh in “Gone with the Wind”. Later, contouring experienced a renaissance in the 1980s and 1990s, which continues to this day.

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