Tomasz Komenda is dead. He spent 18 years in prison. “He lost to the disease”

Tomasz Komenda is dead. He spent 18 years in prison. “He lost to the disease”

Tomasz Komenda is dead. The tragic news, which shocked the whole of Poland, was delivered by Grzegorz Głuszak, a journalist of “Uwagi!” and “Superwizjer” TVN. From the very beginning, the reporter dealt with the case of a Pole wrongly sentenced to 25 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

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Tomasz Komenda passed away at the age of 46 – it was announced on Wednesday, February 21, 2023. He had been struggling with cancer for many months. Last year, the man commented on the topic in an interview with Ewa Wilczyńska, a journalist of “Gazeta Wyborcza”

I’m undergoing treatment, I’m undergoing chemotherapy, my hair has already grown back. I live with the fact that there was cancer, now it’s gone, but we don’t know if it will come back. He was not suitable for surgery. I’m having a hard time. I wonder when I will finally throw down this cross, I would deserve some peace

This was the last public statement of the man wrongly convicted of the Miłoszyce crime. Let us recall that Tomasz Komenda spent 18 years in prison. Officially, in 2003, he was convicted of the rape and murder of 15-year-old Małgosia from Miłoszyce, which occurred on the night of December 31, 1996, and January 1, 1997.

Justice for an innocent man was achieved only in 2018 – after Komenda spent his entire youth behind bars. It was only at the end of 2021 that the right people were tried for the Miłoszyce crime – Ireneusz M. and Norbert M. were sentenced to 25 and 15 years of imprisonment respectively. According to investigators, however, the murder was committed by three people. The search for the third perpetrator is still not over.

Tomasz Komenda is dead. The man passed away at the age of 46

Tomasz Komenda was released from prison in 2018. His case was followed by the whole of Poland, and his mother, Mrs. Teresa Klemańska, fought for her son’s freedom from the very beginning. Some time after leaving prison, he proposed to the chosen one of his heart, Anna Walter. The couple had a son, who is currently about 4 years old. Unfortunately, their relationship did not last.

When he was free, Tomasz Komenda initially took a job in a car wash. Later, the Collins brothers offered him help, offering him a job at a foundation that helps wrongly convicted people. In 2021, he received PLN 13 million in compensation for wrongful conviction. 3 years ago he stopped appearing in the media and speaking publicly.

“It seemed that the story would find its happy ending”

His mother admitted in an interview with Onet last year that her son had severed all contacts with his immediate family, which she believed was influenced by one of his brothers. – Tomek doesn’t talk to us anymore. He pretends he doesn’t know us. He doesn’t want anything to do with us. With the entire Klemański family – she told a reporter of “Onet”.

Grzegorz Głuszak commented on Tomasz Komenda’s departure on TVN. – It seemed that the story would find its happy ending. He got together with a girl, has a child, but unfortunately he lost the disease. This is very sad news for all of us, said the journalist.

Source: Gazeta