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Not sanah and not Dawid Podsiadło.  The most popular album of 2023 was released by another artist

Not sanah and not Dawid Podsiadło. The most popular album of 2023 was released by another artist

The Audio Video Producers Association presented an annual summary of the Official Sales Lists. What was the most popular album in 2023 and what songs did we listen to the most often? There is only one winner of the rankings, but he is not the one who sold the most albums. Dawid Podsiad³o was outclassed by another musician.

The Audio Video Producers Association publishes rankings of the most popular songs in a given week, the most frequently sold records and the most frequently played albums in streaming via the website. The website also presents annual statistics. ZPAV recently summarized 2023. Thanks to the reports, we learned that in 2023 the most listened to song in Poland was “Taxi” by rapper Kizo and Bletka. Rounding out the podium was “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus, followed by “5 INFLUENCEREK” by Zeamsone. The most frequently listened to album was “RODZINNY BIZNES” 2115. What is the OLiS ranking?

The most popular albums of 2023. We bought these records most often

When it comes to the ranking, his “1-800-ENHIGHTNMENT” turned out to be the winner. Although the rapper’s sixth studio album was released on September 22, 2023, it was unrivaled in the ranking. ZPAV has already awarded him triple platinum for 90,000 sold. copies.

Dawid Podsiadło took second place with the album “Lata Twentieste”. Third place among the most popular albums was taken by Kuban with the album “spokój.”, and fourth place was taken by the duo PRO8L3M with the album “PROXL3M”. The top five is closed by tai “sanah sings Poezyje”. The top ten also includes the album “UCZTA”. The annual summary of the most popular albums on streaming services looks slightly different. The top ten according to the OLiS summary are as follows:

  1. Dawid Podsiadło – “The Twenties”.
  2. Guzior – “MOLD”.
  3. Kuban – “peace.”
  4. Arctic Monkeys – “AM”.
  5. OKI – “PRODUCT47”.
  6. sanah – “FEAST”.
  7. Chivas – “young say10”.
  8. club2020 – “club2020”.
  9. sanah – “sanah sings Poetry”.
  10. Zeamsone – “???”.

in Poland is a summary prepared on the basis of data from streaming services. The top five may be surprising here, although the podium does not differ significantly from the data shown by Spotify at the end of 2023.

  1. Kizo, Bletka – Taxi.
  2. Miley Cyrus – Flowers.
  3. Zeamsone – 5 INFLUENCERS.
  4. Dawid Podsiadło – mori.
  5. Tarry, – Before the Sun Sets.

The most popular albums and singles in 2023. Dawid Podsiadło reigns

Dawid Podsiadło with the album “Lata twentyte” was also included in the ranking of the best-selling physical albums (here he took first place) and on the list of best-selling vinyls (in fourth place). The musician was therefore in the top five of each ranking, which makes him the winner of the ranking.

Among the most popular artists and bands in 2023, Poles were definitely in the lead. In the sales summary, the first foreign album was “Rush!” by Manseskin, which only placed 14th. Among physical media, the top ten included only two foreign bands: Metallica with “72 Seasons” at number 6 and Depeche Mode with “Memento Mori” at number 9.

Source: Gazeta

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