She doesn’t wash her bed linen, and she washed the bathroom floor for the first time in 4 years. “Why bother?”

She doesn’t wash her bed linen, and she washed the bathroom floor for the first time in 4 years. “Why bother?”

How often should you wash the floor or bed linen? One woman admitted that she does this only once every few years. Her methods, or rather the lack of them, are shocking. She herself thinks that you shouldn’t bother with cleaning. Specialists and her mother have a different opinion.

Rachel, 47, from Biggleswade, admitted she had recently washed her kitchen and bathroom floors. There would be nothing strange about it, if not for the fact that she did it for the first time since the pandemic, i.e. at least 4 years. – Why should we even bother cleaning? – he asks in an interview with “”.


She hasn’t washed the floor in 4 years. “Women are always judged”

this isn’t the only place in Rachel’s apartment that hasn’t been cleaned in a long time. The woman admitted that she rarely washes her bedding and does not replace the toilet brush. As he claims, he saves a fortune this way, and dirty surfaces do not harm it in any way. Although her apartment seems neat and tidy, the truth is completely different. “Women are always judged if they’re not the perfect housewife,” she admitted, adding that people shouldn’t worry about it. When she spills or scatters something, she simply wipes it off with a cloth or sweeps it up.. Her mother Susan, who meticulously washes sinks, toilets and floors every day, has a different opinion.

How often should floors be washed? How often should floors be washed? Photo

He doesn’t change the bed linen or the toilet brush. Thanks to this, he saves a lot and cares for the environment

Despite the lack of regular cleaning, Rachel believes that her apartment is still cleaner than many others. He always takes off his shoes before going inside, and there is no dog that could introduce bacteria. Even though she doesn’t wash bed linen or replace pillows, she doesn’t struggle with dust mites or bedbugs. – I am completely healthy – she says, adding that her immune system is fantastic. The woman revealed that many of her decisions related to cleaning result from concern for the environment and her finances. In her opinion, many companies recommend replacing, for example, toilet brushes every month because they want to sell more of them.

How often should floors be washed and bedding washed? Take care of your health

Both bedding and the floor (especially in the kitchen and bathroom) are places that we should take care of regularly. has direct contact with our skin, and failure to clean it systematically may lead to, among other things, for allergies. It is best to wash it at least every two weeks, unless we have pets that sleep with us (every week) or we catch a cold (even every day). When it comes to the floor, it is also a source of many bacteria and germs, which is why we should wash it once a week, preferably regularly. Food remains, mud and dirt from outside or from a toilet spraying water are just the tip of the iceberg. In addition, lack of systematic cleaning may result in its destruction. If you care about ecology and do not want to buy additional products, you can take care of both the bedding and the floor in a natural way, e.g. washing them or washing them in water with vinegar. You will save money and at the same time take care of the environment.

Source: Gazeta