Piotr Grabowski has a famous daughter. You know her well from “For better and for worse”

Piotr Grabowski has a famous daughter. You know her well from “For better and for worse”

Not everyone knows that Piotr Grabowski, known from “Le¶niczówka”, has a famous daughter. It turns out that the 29-year-old is also trying her hand at acting. She appeared in several popular series.

Aleksandra Grabowska made her debut in the series “Julia”, but this was not the only production in which we had the opportunity to watch her. She played in “Second Chance” and “”, and also played the role of Julia Molenda in the popular “Belfr”.


Whose daughter is Aleksandra Grabowska? She followed in the footsteps of her famous father

Aleksandra Grabowska was born in 1995. She is the daughter of actor Piotr Grabowski and Marta Konarska. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. Jan Matejko in Krakow and is a stage designer. As she admitted in an interview with , her parents did not want her to become an actress. However, when she received an invitation to the casting for “The Teacher”, she quickly realized that he was her greatest passion and she couldn’t live without him. — However, I grew up in the theater and I can’t imagine life without it. I really like the combination of film acting and purely theater scenography, she said.

Children of the stars. Piotr Grabowski’s daughter cannot imagine her life without acting

Many people had no idea that Piotr Grabowski had a famous daughter who was also an actress. They both did not hide their family connections, although there was a funny mistake some time ago. Piotr Grabowski came to the premiere of one of the performances with his daughter. Tabloid journalists had no idea who the young girl was and quickly hailed her as the actor’s new partner. However, the truth turned out to be completely different.

They both love spending time together and going on trips together. The actor explained that he was happy that his daughter was not only an actress, but also a set designer. Thanks to this, he has greater opportunities for professional development.

Source: Gazeta