Amazing deal, 3 pieces for PLN 35! Extremely comfortable to wear and simply pleasing to the eye

Amazing deal, 3 pieces for PLN 35! Extremely comfortable to wear and simply pleasing to the eye

It should be comfortable, comfortable for the skin, but also stylish. I found a promising promotion in a well-known chain store, but not only there!

Everyday styling can express our character and approach to fashion. They don’t have to be perfectly comfortable, sometimes crazy ideas can definitely improve our well-being. However, when it comes to underwear, comfort and health are definitely more strategic. Comfort can be reconciled with charming design.


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It’s the healthiest choice for everyday use. The price is a pleasant surprise

Cotton is a natural and pleasant material that allows the skin to breathe freely and keeps you feeling fresh all day long. Cotton underwear is soft and gentle on the skin, which makes wearing it pleasant even for people with sensitive skin. It can be washed and dried in a washing machine, which makes it easier to keep it clean and hygienic. It is a durable material that retains its quality even after repeated washing. For everyday use, cotton panties will be the optimal choice. I found very nice cotton panties at KiK. It’s a multi-pack, which means a very attractive price.

Figs photo: KiK

I also found great deals in the INTYMNA store. Multipacks are also available here at very attractive prices. The figs have very interesting patterns that please the eye. There is also a high-waisted variant available that will camouflage the sides and belly. In addition to the cotton base, they have a charming lace sewn on.

I found great panties at Answear and United Colors of Benetton, they have a Brazilian cut, which means a wide elastic waistband. The product is made of certified organic cotton, which is comfortable to wear.

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