The new director of TVP on the reprehensible decisions of his predecessors. He revealed what’s next for cabarets and disco polo

The new director of TVP on the reprehensible decisions of his predecessors. He revealed what’s next for cabarets and disco polo

The new president of Telewizja Polska revealed his plans for the station’s development. Tomasz Sygut’s priority is reliable information, but he also does not forget about entertainment. He explained what he planned in terms of promoting disco polo and returning cabarets to the air.

On December 20, the great revolution of public media began. Changes occurred not only in managerial positions, but also among journalists. Migrations between radio and television stations are still ongoing, and it is said that about 100 people have been dismissed within two months. Tomasz Sygut has recently been responsible for decisions related to Telewizja Polska, who is responsible for the depoliticization of public media and the restoration of TVP.


TVP director on the scandalous decisions of his predecessors: Every day we discover something shocking

In the latest interview for “Polityka”, the new director of Telewizja Polska talked about the irregularities he has encountered since he started verifying the work of the previous authorities. Apparently, the recently revealed earnings of a former TVP management board member are just the beginning of the discoveries.

“I knew that I was entering a company that had received nearly PLN 10 billion of public money in recent years. I knew the Supreme Audit Office’s report, which called TVP Byzantium and pointed to many pathological areas,” admits Sygut. “Today I know that the Chamber’s auditors were kind in determining what has been happening at TVP in recent years. We are in the process of preparing an audit, but almost every day we discover something shocking and something that – and I know this company well – I have never encountered before.” – he adds. This apparently includes dozens of additional civil law contracts for many employees, including management, which “allowed them to extract huge amounts of money from the company.”

In addition, Tomasz Sygut also referred to the sudden changes on TVP, expressed outrage that they were questioned and emphasized that, according to “eminent lawyers”, they were carried out legally. However, he added that the dispute would ultimately be resolved by the court. “TVP, especially in the information layer, had nothing to do with public television and elementary standards of journalistic ethics. It was part of the government propaganda that shamefully divided Poles, targeted people, manipulated and lied. And now we are wondering whether the changes in Were TVP nice or not nice?!” – asks the director of TVP.

Cabarets will return to TVP, disco polo will disappear. Tomasz Sygut reveals his plans

Tomasz Sygut emphasizes that his priority in connection with the revolution on Polish Television is reliable information, but he also does not forget about entertainment. The director of TVP will continue to invest in sports events and plans to restore cabarets that left public television in a tense atmosphere. “First of all, we want to restore the splendor of the festival in Opole, which must once again become a celebration of Polish songs. We will see great artists who have wanted nothing to do with TVP in recent years. This festival will unite, not divide. I hope that it will join TVP the best Polish cabarets will also return. I have a promising meeting. I assured the creators that no one will censor them. Cabaret is a safety valve. If we stop laughing, including at ourselves, we will have a problem,” he declares.

This is good news for those who were turned away from disco polo concerts broadcast on TVP. For years, one of the flagship stars of Polish Television has been Zenon Martyniuk, but this will soon change. Sygut emphasizes that he would like to introduce a slightly different musical sensitivity to the station. He also does not rule out joining forces on this matter with Radio Trójka, which has shaped the tastes of many generations. “I would like us to organize – perhaps together with Radio Three – intimate concerts of both well-known and completely new artists and bands. But I would like to reassure dance music fans: you are important to us and there will definitely be a place on TVP for a convivial tune.” – declares.

Source: Gazeta