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Mi³osz K³eczek mercilessly about Ho³ownia on Republika TV.  “This is a parody”

Mi³osz K³eczek mercilessly about Ho³ownia on Republika TV. “This is a parody”

Harsh words against Szymon Hołownia were spoken on Tuesday on Republika TV. Mi³osz Kłeczek referred to the statement of the Speaker of the Sejm regarding the fights that took place between the deputies and the Marshal’s Guard.

In Tuesday’s edition of the “Miłosz Kłeczek invites” program on Republika TV, viewers were shown a fragment of Szymon Hołownia’s statement. During the conference, the Marshal of the Sejm spoke about the fight that took place in front of the Sejm.

Miłosz Kłeczek mocked Szymon Hołownia: “It’s a parody”

“I did not expect such aggression from the MPs of the Republic of Poland. They grabbed the marshal’s guards, pushed them, twisted their fingers, took off their hats, and in some cases even choked them,” Szymon Hołownia commented on the recording. Miłosz Kłeczek reacted to these words with laughter, stating that there were no fights in front of the Sejm. “It’s quite funny how Marshal Hołownia perceives the reality that surrounds him in parliament… Here it is: MP Macierewicz, MP Sójka, former Minister of Health and a few other members of parliament. I didn’t see anyone choking, but I was there,” commented the host, and then added that what Szymon Hołownia was saying reminded him of cabaret.

“These are serious allegations, he is the Speaker of the Sejm, a serious guy, the second person in the country…. We can reduce it to a cabaret. We can assume that the former Minister of Health, MP Katarzyna Sójka, a calm, elegant woman, strangled a tall man, a strong, tall man, such as an officer of the marshal’s guard, but it is really a parody, some kind of TV show in which Marshal Hołownia takes part,” Miłosz Kłeczek summed up on TV Republika.

Miłosz Kłeczek moved to TV Republika at the end of last year. Since then, the presenter has been running the programs “Miłosz Kłeczek invites” and “High Voltage” on the station, where he openly criticizes the actions and decisions made by the ruling coalition. Previously, Miłosz Kłeczek worked for Telewizja Polska as a parliamentary reporter.

Source: Gazeta

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