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Confusion around Eurovision 2024. What happened during the pre-selection?

Confusion around Eurovision 2024. What happened during the pre-selection?

After the announcement of this year’s Polish representative in the Eurovision Song Contest, rumors appeared in the media that in the original voting the jury had chosen the song “Jesieñ – Tańcuj” from the film “Chłopi”.

On Monday, we found out who will represent Poland during the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo. The vote took place behind closed doors, without public participation. Ultimately, the preselection winner was 24-year-old singer Luna and her song “The Tower”. Shortly afterwards, contradictory information appeared in the media, which showed that the jury had originally chosen the song “Jesień – Tańcuj” from the film “Chłopi” to participate in the competition.

According to Wirtualna Polska’s source, the jurors learned about the alleged problems with the label, which prompted them to choose another candidate. Another problem was the fact that the song “Autumn – Dance” is usually performed by more than six artists, and this is the limit set by the organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The portal contacted the co-author of the song to confirm whether the mentioned situation actually occurred. However, LUC said it had no knowledge of either the alleged win or the disqualification due to the issues cited above. “I don’t know anything. I guess we just didn’t win. From what I know, we simply took third place in the jury vote,” the musician told Wirtualna Polska. The same answer was also given by Daga Gregorowicz from the band Dagadana, who only learned that the song took 3rd place in the preselections.

This year, the selection of the Polish representative for the Eurovision Contest was decided by the jury, which included: Piotr Klatt, who in the past was the head of Polish preselections for Eurovision, Łukasz Pietera, the music director of Radio Zet, Michał Hanczak from Radio Eska, Konrad Szczęsny, who is the role of the president of the Association of Lovers of the Eurovision Song Contest OGAE Polska and singer Kasia Moś.

Source: Gazeta

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