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Dowbor and Antonowicz made a mistake in “Pn¦”.  Another one.  The viewers are ruthless.  “The worst couple!”

Dowbor and Antonowicz made a mistake in “Pn¦”. Another one. The viewers are ruthless. “The worst couple!”

At the end of January 2024, Katarzyna Dowbor hosted TVP’s “Pytanie na śnidanie” for the first time in a duet with Filip Antonowicz. However, the duo of the new hosts was not met with enthusiasm among the viewers, and each of their subsequent appearances only adds to the blunders. What happened on the TV this time?

At the end of 2023, the management changed, which started a real revolution. First, news magazines and their presenters were taken into consideration, and then changes began to be introduced in other formats. These did not miss the popular program “Pytanie na breakfast” (available on the website), with which almost the entire current host team said goodbye.

“Question for breakfast”. The presenters did not avoid any mishaps. The internet immediately went viral

It is no secret that the metamorphosis caused huge controversy. This intensified when the names of the new hosts were announced. These included, among others: Katarzyna Dowbor, who has been the host of the program on Polsat for almost a decade.

In the morning TVP magazine, she formed a duet with Filip Antonowicz, who is a quarter of a century younger than her, but their first appearance, although it attracted an audience of almost half a million people, was not met with enthusiasm, mainly due to a series of mishaps. A discussion broke out online almost immediately, and some Internet users expressed bitter criticism.

All the new pairs are a total mistake. Totally out of sync. I don’t want to watch. Too bad about the previous cast

The worst couple in this lunchroom… Unwatchable, hopeless

We are waiting for her to enlighten the new head of ‘PnŚ’ that she made a mistake by destroying a successful program!

– viewers wrote on the official Facebook profile.

Another mistake by Dowbor and Antonowicz on TV. Merciless Internet users

However, there are also those who support Dowbor and Antonowicz and defend them. Fans explained that the debut was probably associated with a lot of stress, so mistakes could happen, even to such experienced journalists. Subsequent releases were supposed to be more successful in this respect, but it didn’t quite work out. In one of the last episodes, the presenter once again made a blunder. This time he completely mixed up the name of the guest who appeared on the program to talk about aggression among children. – Maciej Pleja – the husband of the dancer and actress known from “Klan”, Agnieszka Kaczorowska, Maciej Pela, who immediately corrected his mistake.

Although the presenter quickly reflected and apologized for the slip of the tongue, the embarrassment was visible on the faces of all three of them. He finally explained that he was stressed and that was the reason for his unfortunate mishap. – I’m the one… Sorry, it’s just nerves! And today we’re talking about nerves… – he said, smoothly moving on to the actual topic of conversation. However, viewers are unforgiving and did not hesitate to point out Antonowicz’s blunders, thus emphasizing that this is yet another proof of his lack of professionalism and commitment. Previously, they had complained several times on the program’s social media about its not necessarily appropriate jokes or comments made during the broadcast.

Unfortunately, you can’t watch this Mr. Filip, he’s just a cheeky guy, he insults women. What does he think, that today’s grandmothers are somehow backward? Why these shallow inserts?

Antonowicz is a drama

The host is loud, disturbs Mrs. Kasia, and interrupts the guests and the host. (…) An irritating man

– Internet users under another entry.

Source: Gazeta

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