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Sakiewicz issued a statement regarding compensation worth one million for TVP.  “Attempting to extort money”

Sakiewicz issued a statement regarding compensation worth one million for TVP. “Attempting to extort money”

The liquidator of TVP demanded one million zlotys in compensation from Telewizja Republika for Michał Rachoń’s program, which allegedly violates copyright. Tomasz Sakiewicz, the television’s editor-in-chief, issued a statement on the matter.

Daniel Gorgosz, the liquidator of Telewizja Polska SA, called on the editor-in-chief and president of Telewizja Republika to pay Tomasz Sakiewicz to pay the station one million zlotys in compensation for copyright infringement by the station. More specifically, this is about Michał Rachoń’s program, which was broadcast on TVP Info for years, but after the revolution in public media, the journalist moved to TV Republika along with the format. In his new workplace, the journalist runs the “Jedziemy” program under the name “Jedziemy. Michał Rachoń” in an unchanged form.

The liquidator of TVP is demanding compensation of one million from TV Republika

Gorgosz’s summons shows that the liquidator is demanding not only money, but also the cessation of the production, broadcast and distribution of the program and “the immediate removal of both its fragments and full episodes from YouTube and the Facebook and X/Twitter platforms.” The logo disseminated by Telewizja Polska in the “Jedziemy” program is also to disappear from the station.

This is still not the end of the claims against TV Republika that Gorgosz made in the message. The liquidator also demands payment of PLN 100,000 to the Polish Film Institute “as compensation for committing an act of unfair competition against Telewizja Polska SA.” At the end of the list of demands is an apology that would be played during the broadcast of the “Jedziemy. Michał Rachoń” program. Gorgosz wants forty-second messages to be published five times.

Tomasz Sakiewicz issued a statement regarding the claims of the TVP liquidator

Tomasz Sakiewicz commented on the matter and posted a statement online. “In connection with the emerging false information about the alleged demand of the TVP authorities for the payment of one million zlotys by Telewizja Republika, the management board of TV Republika, after talking to the TVP authorities, informs that no such letter was sent to us from the TVP authorities, nor does the TVP management have any such claims” – writes the editor of TV Republika.

Therefore, Sakiewicz declares that the station will refer the case to the prosecutor’s office. “So we are most likely dealing with an attempt to extort money from a private company,” writes the editor-in-chief of TV Republika. We asked TVP to comment on whether the talks actually took place and what the conclusions were. At the time of publishing this article, we had not yet received a response.

Source: Gazeta

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