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Samuel Pereira asked about Tusk’s “fur Deutschland”.  “National interest”

Samuel Pereira asked about Tusk’s “fur Deutschland”. “National interest”

Samuel Pereira was a guest of Krzysztof Stanowski on his new channel Zero. The former head of TVP Info tried to present his point of view on what public media looked like in his times. There was also a question about Donald Tusk’s “fur Deutschland”.

Samuel Pereira was a guest in Krzysztof Stanowski’s program on Channel Zero. The long, over two-hour conversation covered many topics. Stanowski tried to obtain answers from the former head of TVP as to why during his times the public media, which every citizen pays for, turned into a television station of one party and one worldview.

Pereira went on and on and dismissed most of the questions with the statement that “it’s someone’s private opinion.” He completely skipped some questions and with a stubbornness worthy of a better cause he returned to the “takeover” of public media by the current government. And what did he say about Donald Tusk’s presentation on TVP Info?

Samuel Pereira about “fur Deutschland” and Tusk’s horns on TVP Info

The fact that TVP Info had distorted proportions when it came to selecting guests for programs from different political parties is an understatement. At the end of PiS’s rule, TVP Info de facto became the voice of only one party, which Pereira explained in a conversation with Stanowski as saying that the percentage breakdown with PiS’s advantage only means that PiS had a president, prime minister and the entire government and the news television was obliged to show them .

But why didn’t she show Donald Tusk’s press conferences or speeches? And if she showed him, it was in the obligatory combination – saying the famous “fur Deutschland” or red-faced and with horns. Pereira has a short explanation for this. The recording in which Tusk has characteristic horns was due to the fact that… “he positioned himself that way.”

Then he drew conclusions and didn’t act like that anymore, said Pereira, apart from the issue of applying a red filter to the recording, which gave Tusk a diabolical appearance. – I have never found any hatred towards Donald Tusk, no criticism – and yes – but it is not forbidden, is it?

Do you feel more Polish than Donald Tusk?

And what do you mean “German”? Let’s distinguish two things. It is even more burdensome when someone who is Polish represents the interests of a foreign country. Blocking the CPK is, yes, the pursuit of other interests – here Stanowski asked whether Pereira considers Tusk a German agent. – I don’t know, I don’t know, whether he is an agent. He was criticized for actions that were in the interest of another country. So you can’t criticize Donald Tusk anymore? Yes, I believe that Donald Tusk wanted to take over the public media so that his scandals would not be exposed.

And as you can see, the answer to the question about “fur Deutschland” is a bit blurred. And Tusk wasn’t shown because… there would be too much to straighten out. Polish national interest, according to Samuel Pereira, is the answer to virtually every question related to criticism of TVP Info. Tusk wasn’t shown? National interest. There was no Confederation? National interest. PiS was mainly presented and the opposition was vilified? National interest. And viewership:

I believe that the public mission is to pursue the Polish national interest. That’s what we tried to do. It was good because people wanted to watch it and they watched it because today… what are the viewership numbers like? I feel proud and I can compare what it looked like then and what it looks like now, now it’s local television. We presented the Polish national interest. Overall, the state of pluralism has increased, Pereira said.

Source: Gazeta

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