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I bought it at Mohito without a second thought.  PLN 22.99 for slimming the waist and arms.  Check with CA, TS

I bought it at Mohito without a second thought. PLN 22.99 for slimming the waist and arms. Check with CA, TS

I found it on sale at Mohito and it immediately stole my heart. It perfectly highlights the figure and visually slims the shoulder line. What’s more, it can be combined with practically anything. Equally universal, yet effective models are available at C&A and Top Secret.

Some fitted blouses immediately attract our attention. Despite their very classic appearance, they can emphasize the features of the figure and make them slimmer at the same time. They work best in everyday styling, but they can easily be combined with slightly more elegant clothing items.

Fitted blouse from Mohito. It beautifully highlights the waist and shoulders

blouse screen:

The fitted Mohito blouse immediately caught my attention. This is a very classic model in a traditional gray color. What makes it more effective is the fitted cut, which beautifully highlights the waist and shoulder line. Decorative stitching on the front and a V-shaped neckline add charm to it. A perfect option for creating a primarily casual outfit. .

The classic Top Secret blouse goes with everything. It has a fashionable color and a fitted cut

blouseblouse screen:

An elegant yet classic blouse from Top Secret is a great option both for everyday use and for creating formal outfits. It has a large V-shaped neckline with delicate piping around it and decorative ruffles at the front. It is made of pleasant to the touch and delicate fabric and has a very fitted cut, thus emphasizing the slimness of the figure.. The very fashionable red color also adds charm.

A classic blouse in an elegant version. The model from C&A has an attractive cut

blouseblouse screen:

A blouse from C&A will add elegance and class to any styling. This lightweight model has very elegant finishes. It is made of black, slightly textured material with gathered cuffs on the sleeves. It has an eye-catching cut at the waist and a bottom finished with a decorative ruffle. The deep V neckline makes the shoulders optically slimmer.

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