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They told him that Wi¶niewski was a “strange guy”.  Now he claims that “they wanted to exploit him for money”

They told him that Wi¶niewski was a “strange guy”. Now he claims that “they wanted to exploit him for money”

A quarter of a century will soon have passed since the formation of Ich Troje, but the band still remains one of the most popular in the domestic music industry. Few people know, however, that Jacek £ągwa had serious reservations about collaborating with Michał Wi¶niewski. All because of the words he heard from a friend from a rival band.

The band was founded in 1995 by Jacek Łągwa. Over the years, its composition changed several times, but the co-founders worked persistently for their success, climbing the next career ladder. Although their glory days are undoubtedly behind them, their songs are still known and sung by subsequent generations.

Bassist Varius Manx introduced Łągwa to Wiśniewski. He warned him before the meeting

Before Jacek Łągwa joined forces with Michał Wiśniewski, he was already known and respected in the music industry. He played various instruments, sang and composed songs for other artists. One day he received a call from Paweł Marciniak from Varius Manx, who, due to his excessive responsibilities, decided to give him one of his orders. – It was in 1995, just before Christmas. Paweł Marciniak from Varius Manx called me and said that he had been commissioned by Wiśniewski to arrange ten musical pieces that were to be performed at the Musical Theater in Łódź during a show to celebrate his birthday – he said in an interview for .

However, he was warned that the singer was a specific artist and should be careful with him. This, however, was no surprise to him, because he had worked with many people over the years, so nothing could surprise him. – Varius Manx was at the top then, Paweł didn’t have time for it and recommended me. He immediately warned me that this Wiśniewski was a strange guy. However, this did not discourage me and I made an appointment with Michał – recalled Łągwa.

How was the band Ich Troje created? Jacek Łągwa talked about the story behind the scenes

Despite this, before the first meeting, his friend’s thought was still present in his mind. The fears quickly turned out to be completely unfounded, because from the very first moments he found a common ground. – After what Michał told me about his concept, I quickly realized that everyone wanted to make a fool of him and make money off him – he admitted directly. He decided to prevent this and help him become known in the world of show business, especially since he already had a lot of knowledge about its functioning. – I already knew a bit about this industry and I knew my stuff. And he was fresh and completely unaware. I decided that I had to save him and dissuade him from the idea of ​​staging a musical, he recalled.

The discussion quickly turned into shared plans and ideas. – From word to word, we decided to open the first karaoke club in Poland – he said. To popularize the idea, they decided to create their own band. – We wanted to promote the idea of ​​karaoke throughout the country, so we decided it was worth starting a band – he added. They started preparing and composing songs, while simultaneously looking for a singer who could join the band with her voice. This way they met , whom they unanimously decided to invite to cooperate. – We recorded the first album, which was well received. We traveled around the country and in some cities we already had a group of fans, in others no one had heard of us, he said. The breakthrough came only 6 years after their debut, when they sang the song “Powiedz” on the stage of the Opole festival, which captivated the audience and instantly became a hit.

Source: Gazeta

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