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Wipe your teeth with this twice a week.  They will be whiter than at Ibisz, and you won’t spend millions at the dentist

Wipe your teeth with this twice a week. They will be whiter than at Ibisz, and you won’t spend millions at the dentist

A nice and snow-white smile is the dream of many of us. Teeth whitening is not the cheapest procedure, so we are looking for a cheaper alternative to restore their natural shine and get rid of the yellow tint. One fruit comes to the rescue. You don’t have to eat it at all.

Taking care of your teeth is not just about visiting the dentist regularly to prevent tooth decay. By consuming certain products and stimulants, teeth lose their shine, become yellow and become discolored. The costs of teeth whitening run into the thousands, so before we decide on such a treatment, we can try to whiten them ourselves at home. It’s simple and costs almost nothing.

How to whiten your teeth naturally? Reach for orange peel

Teeth can become yellow by smoking cigarettes and regularly drinking coffee, tea and carbonated drinks. If you want to get rid of ugly residue at home, reach for an orange. Its peel contains vitamin C, fiber, calcium and limonene, which is very helpful in the teeth whitening process.

Wash the fruit, peel it and rub the white part of it on each tooth for a few seconds. When you’re done, wait half an hour and wash as usual. It is best to do this twice a week. You will quickly notice that your teeth are brighter and shiny. Another fruit, however, is very effective against tartar – strawberries. Cut it in half and rub the inside of it on your teeth for a few minutes.

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How often should you replace your toothbrush? Some people do it once a year

Prevention is better than cure, so take care of your oral cavity. The most common mistake is replacing the toothbrush too rarely. Brushing your teeth with a used toothbrush has nothing to do with proper cleaning, because it is a breeding ground for bacteria. Bent bristles cannot remove dirt thoroughly. The toothbrush should be replaced every three months. Do not keep it covered, as moisture promotes the growth of fungi. After each use, rinse the brush and leave it to dry in an upright position.

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