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Joanna Kulig with Tom Hanks on the set of the American series.  She showed photos

Joanna Kulig with Tom Hanks on the set of the American series. She showed photos

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg decided to bring the realities of World War II to the small screen together. The main roles were given to Austin Butler, Callum Turner and Anthony Boyle. She, Joanna Kulig, also appeared alongside one of them.

she appeared in one episode of a new series about American pilots during World War II. “The Lords of the Sky” produced by Steven Spielberg and Gary Goetzman has already been released on Apple TV. As we know, these gentlemen know their job – their track record also includes: war “Pacific”. In “The Lords of the Skies” we move to regions closer to us – to the sky over Europe taken over by Hitler.

Joanna Kulig in the Spielberg and Hanks series

Joanna Kulig was on the payroll in the fourth episode of “The Lords of the Space”. She played the role of blonde Paulina. The role is short and one-episode – as Paulina, Joanna Kulig accompanies Callum Turner, playing Major John Egan, on his day off from duty and watches the bombing on the horizon with him – but it concerns a series from Oscar-winning producers and our actress from the Oscar-nominated “Zimna war”. Kulig announced the role on social media, and a few days later she also took a souvenir selfie with Tom Hanks:

For the actress, this is another distinction in a series. At the beginning of 2024, she became a member of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and, together with approximately 10,000 other people, voted for the films that deserved to be nominated for an Oscar this year. .

What is “The Lords of the Sky” about?

The series, which we can now watch on AppleTV, tells the story of a group of US pilots who go to war in Europe. The plot was loosely based on the book by David L. Miller “America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany”. The 100th company was called the “bloody hundred”, but not because of the destruction they inflicted on the enemy, but – unfortunately – because of being decimated by the Nazis. They were stationed in Great Britain and from there they made trips to the continent, from which they returned badly damaged. Although costly, their raids wreaked havoc on enemy lines. The series shows the battalion’s preparation for combat in the United States and then the first attacks in the spring of 1943 from Great Britain.

The trailer of the production already looked very cinematic and “The Lords of the Skies” raised great hopes for a hit. How did it turn out? First of all, it turned out that not everyone will be able to watch this series. It is available only on AppleTV, which is not very popular in Poland. Secondly, it receives mixed reviews. While the plot is gripping and Austin Butler steals every scene he’s in, the hell and chaos of World War II proved very difficult to portray on the small screen. There are special effects that can’t keep up with the action, excessive Americanism (if you like it, you’ll be happy) and bloated dialogues. However, it is worth seeing for yourself whether this type of production still appeals to us as from the old days.

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