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Do you watch Netflix?  Don’t fall for it.  It is better not to react to this message

Do you watch Netflix? Don’t fall for it. It is better not to react to this message

Internet fraudsters can surprise you with their creativity, so everyone, even the most advanced Internet user, should remain vigilant. SMS messages informing about the need to pay an additional fee are now standard. This time, the extortionists are impersonating Netflix.

Recently, screenshots of suspicious emails from . Upon closer verification, it is clear that they are fake and do not come from the streaming platform, and they also spoil its reputation. Fraudsters send messages to email inboxes informing them that the application requires an update of the payment method.

Email “from Netflix”. Another fraud on the Internet

“Hi, your payment method was declined in the last billing cycle. To continue using our services, please update your details,” the fake message reads.

Scammers impersonate Netflix Photo Facebook

Below it there is a red “retry payment” button, which sends you to fill out the form. If someone actually fills it in with their payment card details, criminals will be able to withdraw money from the account. The authors of the email sign themselves as “Netflix Team” and use the brand’s logo and colors. They increase the recipients’ stress with the message that website users have only one day left to update.

If you receive a similar e-mail or SMS message, regardless of the sender, it is always safest to follow one rule – verify its content at the source. Instead of clicking links (which is better never to be done) attached to the message, it is much better to log in to the account yourself in a separate window in the browser or application on the phone. There you can immediately check whether there was actually an error in your payment method.

A new scam on the Internet, they send an email “from Netflix”. How to protect yourself?

It is also worth paying attention to the address from which the message was sent. They usually only superficially resemble those officially used by the company. Most often, fraudsters change the order of letters in addresses, repeat several of them or add a number.

Messages sent by scammers also often contain stylistic and spelling errors. Of course, the person working at Netflix responsible for writing the content of emails to subscribers can also make a mistake, but it certainly happens less often and we can catch fewer errors. It is also good to remember that large companies do not ask their customers to share sensitive data via e-mail. Verification is usually done via an app.

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