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“The farmer is looking for a wife.”  Grzegorz Bardowski attacks the “Green Deal”: “There are too many absurdities”

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Grzegorz Bardowski attacks the “Green Deal”: “There are too many absurdities”

Grzegorz Bardowski spoke about the farmers’ protest, which he himself joined. According to a participant in the 2nd edition of the “Farmer Wants a Wife” program, the “Green Deal” may lead to the collapse of agriculture throughout Europe.

There are currently people in Poland and other European countries opposing the “Green Deal”, an initiative of the European Commission. It assumes, among other things, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural production and limiting the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Protesters are also concerned about the inflow of products from Ukraine. Farmers announced a blockade of the capital on February 23.

Grzegorz Bardowski joined the farmers’ protest

Tomasz Klimkowski and Grzegorz Bardowski from the “Farmer Wants a Wife” program also joined the protest. The participant of the 2nd edition of the love show posted a recording on Instagram in which he talks about the concerns of Polish farmers. This concerns the import of goods from Ukraine.

“Most of you probably don’t know why we go out on the streets. Ukraine’s agricultural potential can swallow all of Poland and Europe without blinking an eye. Because if it is said that it can feed the whole of Africa, what does Europe mean to it? Half of the land in Ukraine is registered agroholdings in Luxembourg, Cyprus, the USA or Saudi Arabia. Do you still believe that the profits from these agroholdings stay in Ukraine?” – said Bardowski.

Bardowski also mentioned EU regulations regarding the use of fertilizers and pesticides. He added that they do not apply in Ukraine.

“If a plant protection product in the European Union is potentially harmful, it is automatically withdrawn. However, our eastern neighbor can use dozens, if not hundreds of all substances withdrawn in the European Union. “Green Deal”, it sounds nice. I think it is it’s a cover for the destruction of agriculture throughout the EU. There are too many absurdities,” summed up the participant of “Farmer Wants a Wife”.

Source: Gazeta

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